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Why should you prefer Angular JS for Web applications? 


angular Js for web applications


Are you planning your next web based project? The right framework for development makes a lot of difference. This choice changes everything that you have so meticulously planned.

A lot of developers are opting for Angular JS, owing to the development freedom that comes with it. It is an open-source frontend framework where you can create web apps that are masterminds of style and ease of use with Angular JS for Web Applications.

Is this the only reason to go ahead with it for your next web development project? Not really! There are several reasons why you, should prefer Angular JS over others for web applications.

Let’s go through the reasons one by one.


A good community support

When you are developing web applications, a good support team is a must for you. People will help you not only with choosing the right tools but also in case you are stuck somewhere. The Angular JS community includes core development team as well as people who offer quick fixes or improvements for web development.

There are several conferences where these people convene to come out with hacks to make Angular JS useful and web pages stylish. While the framework is extremely good, it is the developer community which supports that makes this framework extra special.


Declarative Coding

Here comes the second reason to choose Angular JS for Web Applications as your next framework. The declarative style of coding is known to be clear and precise. It tells the mathematical computation the code should be performing. Unlike the procedural programming style that Imperative coding carries out, this one is more direct and functional. They don’t describe but, keep it short and simple. This will help in completing the task with minimum code.


angular Js for web applications


Accelerated Development

With Angular JS, you can break down the large web applications to smaller MVC components. You can use HTML syntax to communicate these components. This can be used with ease for cross-platform development, which makes not just coding but also development easy and fast. Angular JS for Web Applications makes coding and debugging easy, thus accelerating development of your web applications.


Directive Style Coding

Angular JS for Web Applications is based on HTML. You can expand the syntax with the use of directives that are added to the coding. You can add the behavior that you aim to achieve from the code with this coding style. Improve the coding productivity and increase asset reusability with this coding style. The idea is to reduce loading speed and increase the user retention for the web application.


Modular Approach

You can easily develop modules for the different aspects of the coding. You can then combine these different modules to create the structure you want to give your interface. Let’s say you have the Facebook login module, which needs to be used in the different parts of the application. You don’t need to create separate code each time. Create a single module and use it on the web page. This makes development easy. You will need to identify the instances where you need to create the objects, and then create them accordingly.


Ready-to-use Solutions

The idea is to create solutions for the different tasks. You can use ready-to-use modules for this purpose. With Angular JS, you don’t have a project structure, which means you can create any module first, followed by the others. This means you just need to create modules, use them to solve the problems. This helps create hybrid solutions, as you have the modules ready, and you just need to fix them in the solution.


angular Js for web applications


SPA Based Features

Angular JS helps develop single page applications, and there are many features that help in developing these applications. One of the major features that are available with Angular JS is forms validation. With FormController available in this framework, you can mention the states for the form used in the application, which in turn will change the state of the HTML elements. Error handling validators can be customized for Angular JS based applications. You can even code patterns and templates for Angular JS based applications.

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