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Why does everybody wants an App Like UBER?

Today’s world is very much dependent on online platform to carry out all day to day needs. The biggest way in which organisation has used the online platform is to make sure that people get the best way to connect with the service providers. Uber is the perfect example of this model in which people who are looking for drivers are provided the way to contact them. This is also often referred to as the sharing economy. Just like Uber, there are many different applications which are acting as a mediator to connect people with service providers. It is referred to as Uber for X model.

When we talk about sharing economy there are many companies who have based this business model  of App like uber around this kind of economy. They are bringing together the assets which people are ready to rent out providing them to those who are in need of them. All these businesses are being widely known as Platforms. They are connecting consumers with the producers and presenting the required result without any problem.

They are allowing them to exchange the value with the help of digital space and can provide the perfect way to carry out the much-needed interaction. These platforms are the unique business which does not have any kind of assets with them but act as a mediator who provides contact of the person who can provide the services. A new start-up which is building the model is called as the Uber for X model.  Here are some of the top benefits of App Like Uber.



With such Uber for X model, contractors can decide when to work and how much to work. It is kind of a freelance job provider in which the worker has the choice to select which job do they want to accept and which not. They can be very helpful for both the types of career, full-time career professionals as well as part-time career professionals. Even for part times, this model is presenting them a very effective way to earn additional income and ensure that they get a very good opportunity to work.

Job Creation

When we look at this platform the rate of job creation which is offered is very high. The fact that a particular person has the choice to select the number of hours he or she wants work is very important in such cases. If someone is in need of money than they can work extra time and get the income which they need.


Digital Income

Digital income is again a very big reason for the success of such platforms. The fact that you get work with the help of digital method will mean that you can rest assured about the payments. You do not have to worry about there being any problem with payments and are viable to any kind of frauds. Digital method will also mean that it will be very much convenience for the customers and more and more people will be interested in using it. It will eventually lead to better job creation.


We at SODIO, are quite acquainted with this business model and have developed Mobile Apps ranging from Uber for Travel guide to Uber for Business people. Get in touch with us know how we can help you achieve your target.

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