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How to build Trust in On-Demand and Marketplace apps like Uber and AirBnB.

how to build trust with customers

Marketing and Branding are just as much about values and trust as they are about an incredible product-line and superb services – if not more. Today, with consumers around the world having platforms to share their experiences with companies, building trust among your customer-base has become easier as well as more complex than it has ever been.

It’s easier if you’re genuinely providing them the experience they desire and do good with them and obviously more difficult if your product or customer support is not great. The importance of building trust among the users and other participants is of utmost importance, especially for on-demand apps and marketplace platforms where the success is totally based on the network effect.

In this post, we are going to discuss how on-demand startups and marketplace platforms can build trust among their participants and fuel growth. Let’s get started to figure out how to build trust with customers:


Actionable and Reliable Rating Systems

Customers rely on ratings to make almost every buying decision online. And even more so when they’re doing it over a marketplace platform or an on-demand app.  The number of people who’ve given ratings, what is the average rating and how many reviews the seller or supplier has garnered play an important role for the consumers in making an informed decision. This is the first thing you need to do if you are trying to figure out how to build trust with customers.

Apart from all this, the customers must believe in your rating system. Because well, the only thing more fatal than not having a rating system is having a broken and unverified rating system that consumers cannot rely upon. You can use multiple techniques to put in place a very actionable and reliable rating system for the apps. The consumer science about ratings and reviews must be understood, too. While it’s true that customers today are more vocal over the internet about their experiences, it has been found that users tend to leave more positive reviews than negative.

As a matter of fact, the average rating of all internet goods happens to be stark 4.3/5. Not only this, research with top on-demand and marketplace platforms have found that 65% of people tend to post positive reviews as compared to 8% who tend to post negative ones. Using proper profiling and analyzing datasets within your app user base, you can make ratings more reliable at your platform. This will be the first step to instill trust among the customer.


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Acing Customer Support to keep them happy, and trust you

With high-volume transactions going through your platform at regular intervals and customers looking for answers to make a buying decision or after making one, your customer support needs to be on the move. Apart from all the aspects, this is where you get to show how much your team puts emphasis on “customer obsession”. To understand the whole process of how to build trust with customers, you need to understand the core beliefs of customer obsession.

using trust for brand buildingWhen a customer is not satisfied with your product or service, it serves as a challenge and opportunity at the same time. Challenge, because you need to make sure that their problem is resolved and they walk away happy, with the hope of coming back and not driving future customers away from you. Opportunity, because well, you have the chance to make them happy and create a great relationship between your brand and the customer.


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Live chat and Chatbots 

While this is a subset of the last point but it needs special attention and adds a lot of value to your branding and customer support, so we’ll have to discuss this separately.

Addressing the questions asked and problems being faced by the consumers in a streamlined manner is very important. You can’t make all the customers happy with the whole support team being busy all the time. A certain level of automation is necessary for some parts of the customer support phase.

No one likes to go drop a message over your social media channels or be on a call with bots repeating the same thing over and over. You must use live-chat feature and chatbots to make the whole process of customer support more engaging and helpful for the customers. As a matter of fact, more than 79% of the customers prefer to live chat over the conventional methods of communication with customer support executives.

Whether you have real people from your customer support team chatting with the customers or a chatbot is doing it for you, 40% of the customers don’t really care much as long as their issues are resolved. According to research, companies are able to cut 30% of their customer support cost. However, it has been found that human interaction is invariably necessary to resolve issues at one stage or other.


Seamless communication between Participants

The interesting thing about on-demand and marketplace platforms is that there are multiple participants within the network and all the entities need to communicate with each other.

using trust for brand buildingTake the example of a food-delivery or online grocery delivery startup. The vendors need to be in touch with delivery executives and the end-user needs to communicate with the people making the delivery. You need to create streamlined and easy-to-use channels for them to interact with each other. Not only this, location tagging and live location-sharing can be used to make these communications even less of a hassle. If the users are able to track their orders just by swiping a couple of screens, a big chunk of the communication is already taken care of. If you can get this right, a big chunk of how to build trust with customers.

It gets even more complex with marketplace platforms as it’s harder to validate and verify individual users. And for the buyers to make a purchase, they need to communicate with the sellers, whether it’s an individual or a vendor. Real-time chat option must be present between the buyer and seller. Apart from sending texts, the users must be able to share media files such photos of the product, video while it’s operational or even documents related to the product. This is a very important exercise to understand how to build trust with customers.

So, these were the things that must be done in order to instill trust among the users. Make sure you and your team are on top of these.  


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