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Corona Technology Solution Ideas

Corona Technology Solution Ideas

The COVID – 19 pandemic has jolted the entire world. In just a relatively short amount of time, the world has gone under a tremendous amount of change. Almost all business sectors have to change the way that they function just to keep afloat. However, with these negative impacts, there is a lot of good that has come out.

If you are working in the technological industry and want to learn about the ways in which you can help defeat the COVID – 19 pandemic, then you need to act quickly. Because of the lockdown, thousands of people all across the globe have come up with extremely innovative ideas that can be employed to help the entire world.

But what if you don’t know where to start? What if you don’t have any inspiration for coming up with a coronavirus technology solution ideas? If that is the case, then you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll be looking at Corona technology solution ideas that you can employ.

If you wish to make a corona app, then you definitely need some inspiration for that. We have prepared a list of such technological solutions. And that list is mentioned below.

Social Distancing Alert System

Not everybody is following the norms laid out by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus. And it is vital to keep track of those individuals and try to enforce those laws as much as possible. Systems can be used to detect the distance between any two people. Applications can be used to monitor real-time tracking and alerts and sounding voice alarms when those rules were violated.

Corona Technology Solution Ideas

Contact Tracing and Hotspot Detection System

Look at the most successful countries in handling the Covid-19 spread, such as South Korea and Japan, and you’ll realise that contact tracing is a solid weapon that they have used. So, when it comes to technology solutions that are running rampant across the world – contact tracing solutions are right up there. 

By using best-in-class technologies to build contact tracing solutions, you can trace people who have been in contact with a symptomatic/asymptomatic patient. With privacy-reserving random IDs and Bluetooth working in the background, this will periodically check all random IDs in your vicinity and alert individuals and authorities should they enter in close proximity of any known patients. 

It is a known fact that every one of us should avoid going during the COVID – 19 pandemic. But sometimes, it just cannot be avoided. This is why it is important to take steps to ensure that the threat of spreading the coronavirus is minimized to as great an extent as possible. One way of doing this is by developing hotspot detection systems.

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Existing CCTV and IP cameras can be used to detect the number of touches that are made on any particular surface. The surfaces with exceeding number of touches can be marked as hotspots, and people can be alerted to not touch those surfaces. Notifications and real-time alerts can also be generated. Hotspots can also be marked with colored patterns.

Contactless Attendance System

There are many industries and organizations where it is important to mark the attendance of the employees, students, or members of that organization. This simple task is getting complicated because of the coronavirus pandemic. But a contactless attendance system can solve this problem.

Contactless attendance systems can use computer vision and facial recognition to recognize the faces of the members and mark their attendance with the help of facial biometrics. This system can work with CCTV or IP cameras.

It is important to remember that these ideas are not easy to execute. But you can make a covid19 app with the right kind of expertise.

Pharmaceutical Applications

What do you think is one of the most important things in the time of a pandemic? If your guess is healthcare services, then you are right. Further, procuring medicines during a pandemic when there are hundreds, if not thousands, of restrictions on an individual can be a challenge on its own. But what if you could make this entire process easier?

The answer to this question is the main crux behind the need to develop a pharmaceutical application. If you decide to develop a similar application, then at the very least you can help people in your local area. Eventually, after the success of the application, you can provide services to other cities beyond your local area.

Grocery Apps

Now, we all are a few months into the pandemic. And it is a common fact that we all had to make a number of changes to deal with the pandemic. This includes changing our eating habits and from where we buy our groceries. According to various sources, the food and beverage industry has experienced a big surge in profits.

Corona Technology Solution Ideas

Further, a lot of people have changed their habits of buying groceries from their local stores to purchasing their groceries at online stores. And these online grocery stores have been a big hit. This is why if you want to make a covid19 app that is useful for everybody, then a grocery store application is definitely one big way to go.

Food Delivery Applications

The lockdown due to the COVID – 19 pandemic was enforced rather suddenly. Because of this, millions of people were stranded in locations that were far away from their homes. And this meant that the luxuries that people get at their home were suddenly not available to them.

Thankfully, there were already applications that were in place to take care of one of the basic necessities of all individuals, and that necessity is food. There are many food delivery applications that can help individuals sustain themselves who cannot cook. But sadly, there are not a lot of choices when it comes to these applications. This means that a better food delivery application would always be welcomed by the world.

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However, there is a little hitch here, and that refers to the fact that developing a high-quality food application is not easy. It requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Because of this, you will need extra help if you want to develop an application like this. If that is the case, then we at Sodio Technologies are there to help you out. At Sodio Technology, we aim to build a highly robust and scalable technology solution in all spheres.

Corona Technology Solution Ideas

Health and Fitness Applications

It cannot be stressed enough that your health is your biggest treasure. And one should be doing everything that they can to maintain their health. This fact also stands true in the time of the current COVID – 19 pandemic. And what is better than you making it an aim in helping people achieve better health during a pandemic?

Developing a health and fitness application can be an excellent corona technology solution ideas that can hold a lot of value in the world that we all are living in right now. You can help people create ‘fitness schedules’ that one can follow even during a pandemic.

The app can further include a fitness blog, social media live sessions on health, and you can also help people connect with trainers over the internet. This way, individuals can stay healthy during the time when they most need to maintain their health.

Education and Learning Apps

Learning should never stop. And if you can create a covid19 technology solution that helps students to continue learning, then that can be both very rewarding and profiting. As a startup, you can either choose to launch a video-conferencing application that students can use, or you can also develop an application that would help students connect with educators and grow their knowledge. This is one of the Corona Technology Solution Ideas that could work.

Face Mask Detection

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness and to maintain this, all governments are asking their citizens to wear masks whenever they go outside. But not everybody listens, and this behavior can only be curbed if proper fines are charged. If a startup chooses to make a corona app with face mask detection features, then that can have a lot of potential use in today’s world.

Telemedicine Solution for the Healthcare Industry

A medical emergency can strike anywhere and at any time. Sadly, going to the doctor’s to get the required medicine is not that easy anymore as there is always the danger of coming in contact with somebody who might be suffering from coronavirus. But thankfully, this can be changed if patients can directly contact and get help from doctors remotely.

Corona Technology Solution Ideas

Doctors can also order prescriptions remotely. This similar application can include the features of doctor calendar scheduling, prescription handling, and consultation through video calling.

The Closing Note

We at Sodio Technologies understand how difficult it is to develop a high-quality application. And we also know how important it is for you and your organization to make sure that you are able to turn your ideas into real-world products with the help of the right kind of technology. This is why we do everything in our power and go to great lengths to provide all our customers with the best quality application development services for Corona Technology Solution Ideas.

We have some of the best experts in the entire industry who do not just have the right experience and expertise to recommend their services, but they also feel incredibly passionately about providing all customers with the highest quality application development services.

We always aim to please our customers and make sure that they are satisfied with our services. As of now, we have delivered over 40 products to organizations from all across the globe. If you wish to experience the benefits of our excellent quality services, then contact us now to learn exactly how we can help you out today!

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