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Create an App for Meditation and Yoga

create a meditation appMeditation and Yoga, buzzwords that have been dominating the social media with models and even regular people posing for their Instagram stories. Hailed as the cure-of-all physical activity – Yoga and the ultimate mental exercise for Mindfulness – Meditation, their popularity has surged.

From an era of being known to not even a 0.5% of world’s population to being practised by 14% of people around the world in a matter of couple decades, yoga has really seen a rampant rise in popularity and awareness as well. But considering how busy millennials are, and how their incessant need of getting everything over their phones has shaken everything, entry of meditation and yoga mobile apps is somewhat obvious.

Have you been looking to create a meditation app as part of your business model? Or maybe you need to make one for furthering your business. To put it short, you’re thinking it right! From an app like Simple Habit totally centred around Meditation raising $10 Million in Series-A to meditation app – Calm hitting a $250 mil valuation, everything validates your idea in one way or another!

create a meditation appIn this post, we are going to discuss the process of making a meditation and yoga app and make sure that we add key insights from our team members who have worked on the Brave App. So, before another Meditation and Yoga app raises series funding, let’s get started to discuss how you can build your app:

Design and User-Experience are Crucial. And you need to get it right!

create a meditation appThe design and UX quotient of your mobile app are going to determine the success of your application. Part of the reason that justifies this lies in the fact that a meditation app’s job is to make users feel calm and composed. And to achieve that, an incredible UI design backed with truly thought-out user experience is necessary. Let’s have a look at different parts of the application and see how to go about their UI design and crafting user experience.

OnBoarding on-point: Before the users even open the app, the icon must radiate a sense of calmness in the user. Following this, a very serene visual language must be projected along with a soft, azure gradient in the background. As many modern apps tend to add sound effects, a gentle sound such as a drop of water or birds chirping can add the much-needed serenity within the app. Following this, the other aspects of on-boarding such as Signing-Up and choosing plans need to be figured out based on your business model.

Home Screen and Tutorials: Once the user onboarding has been taken care of, you need to perfect the nitty-gritty involved with home screen and tutorials of your meditation app. One way to understand its importance would be to understand that this is the part where users expect you to provide true value. And what’s value if not with an incredible experience. In the home screen, there should be no clutter whatsoever. To make sure this happens, you can go for a bottom-line menu or even a slide screen.

The Tutorial Player: Quite obviously, the tutorial players will have to be in the form of the audiobook as no one we know has ever felt calm watching a video, have we? The iconography being used in the tutorial player must be totally consistent with what the app is about – mindfulness and being calm! The minimalist strategy must be followed to the core here as well – no buttons other than Play, Pause and Stop must be used there when you set out to create a meditation app.

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create a meditation appImportant Features to Create a Meditation App

create a meditation app

Events: In this section, the users must be able to book events and even explore various events taking place based on their interests and availability. Each event must be listed as per parameters such as event name, category, date & time, duration, and its agenda.

E-Commerce Store: To increase the revenue from your app, an e-commerce store can be added within your application as well. Not only this, an added e-commerce store will be very helpful in taking your brand one step ahead. Seamless listing of items on this store for various categories followed by a great UX must be ensured. One important thing to remember here is that the e-commerce store must not interfere with the yoga sessions and other parts that are supposed to help users in meditation. Frictionless payments with robust and scalable mobile app payment gateway integration must be taken care of as well.

create a meditation app

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