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How to create an OnDemand photographer marketplace app


create an ondemand photographer marketplace app


Everyone wants to relive and cherish the most memorable of their moments in life. And like the gazillion of things that people in our time don’t have time for, they cannot just afford to spend theit time (which they say that they don’t have, by the way) in finding, negotiating and getting the photographer on the right time at the right place. Hence the notion of OnDemand photography service provider. Let’s discuss what does it take to create an OnDemand photographer marketplace app.

In this fast-paced world, there is always one thing that people are short on- time. We humans want our stuff to be done as quickly as possible, with minimum or no fuss. This nature of ours is perhaps why on-demand apps have been flourishing as of late, which has triggered a lot of entrepreneurs and enterprises go big in OnDemand platform.  What was started by Uber has now been continued by Deliveroo, Fiix, Lyft and what not. The idea of ordering something and getting it delivered within hours or even minutes is one that is bound to make everyone satisfied and happy. Who doesn’t love a little bit of convenience?


Photography needs of the average human


create an ondemand photographer marketplace app


The average human, statistically speaking, isn’t likely to be a good or perhaps great photographer. But, one sure does need a photographers to capture different occasions in their lives. Suppose you are hosting a grand party to celebrate something close to you, and everyone is invited. Wouldn’t you want to keep memories of that party forever with you? Perhaps you just found that you and your wife are expecting, isn’t this a cherishable moment that needs to be captured permanently? What we are trying to justify is that photography needs of the average human being aren’t something that arise once in a blue moon, and providing this photography service can certainly be a reliable source of income for professionals. Corporate events, family gatherings, parties and other events are examples of instances where professional photography skills can be put to good use.

Hang on, here is a great idea. Why not combine the two aforementioned concepts?


The idea of an OnDemand photographer marketplace


on-demand car repair app

Just as we have Uber for taxis, Swiggy for food, and Fiix for car repairs, why can’t we have an on-demand photographer marketplace? People could hire professionals for their personal or corporate events within minutes, with little to no hassle, at the best prices. An online photographer marketplace presents both customers and photographers with a level of convenience that is unmatched by any other idea. People can book photographers using this OnDemand photographer app for shoots from within the convenience of their homes, and photographers can look to get paid above average while doing what they are good at. An Uber for photographers can thus be a very successful concept, and some companies have already got around to doing it. Here, we are going to talk about the features that an OnDemand photographer marketplace should possess, how to create one, and how to keep it running. We will also include the development of OnDemand platform which can be used as a photographer marketplace.


Let’s create an OnDemand photographer marketplace app.

  1. Varied shoot types

Since photography needs depend from person to person and from event to event, it is better if your on-demand photographer marketplace offers users many options for choosing shoots. Some people may need photographers for only an hour, while some may require their services for an entire day. In order to grow your user base and cater to a variety of customers, offer users options to choose whatever kind of services they like. Not to forget, mention the number of images and editing services offered along with every shoot.


  1. Clear Categorization

Not all photographers with a background in capturing wedding moments will jump on a chance to cover an outdoor excursion, right? Apart from this, it is very rare to find that a certain photographer is proficient in all sorts of projects.

That is the reason why your on-demand photographer marketplace should have crystal clear categories from which the customers can look for photographers based on their requirements. Some of the categories based on requirements and event-types that you can include are:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Event-Based
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Excursion


  1. The absolute best photographers

When you strive to be the best, you must work with the best. Tying up with the absolute best professionals in the business will help you make sure that your customers never have any complaints. Getting top-notch photographers onboard with a good reputation, spectacular portfolios and a desire to do the job is one of the most important parts of create an on-demand photographer marketplace app. Also, it is somewhat of a minimum requirement that you need to make sure that it is met.


  1. Linking Instagram and Flickr accounts of photographers


create an ondemand photographer marketplace app


If you could link the Instagram and Flickr accounts of these photographers to their profile, it would do a world of good for users. Social media these days is how the word gets around, and by viewing photographers’ social media profiles, users will be able to know whether the photographer is fit for their job or not. It will help drive adoption for your marketplace too, if the photographers start sharing links of their profiles on your on-demand photographer marketplace over their respective Instagram and Flickr account. This makes your OnDemand platform for getting photographers better, while serves as a good marketing asset at the same time for your OnDemand photography service provider.


  1. Comprehensive reviewing system

Your on-demand photographer marketplace should have a comprehensive reviewing system in place. Photographers and customers should be able to review and comment on each other, with photographer reviews being publically visible. This helps in maintaining the standards of your platform, and provides your photographers with tips on how to improve their skills.Constructive criticism always helps, no matter what parties are involved.


  1. Competitive pricing

You’ve incorporated all the latest features into your platform. You’ve hired the best of the best photographers to do your jobs. But what use is all this if you charge significantly higher than the average photo studio or freelancer? Having an attractive price point for the level of convenience offered is paramount in order to sustain your platform. Sure, people will understand if you charge marginally higher than photo studios, because of the doorstep service, but there should be a limit on the pricing. A competitive price, good quality services and trust is all you need to sustain yourself in this competitive world.

You now know what all features to incorporate into your on-demand photographer marketplace. How to actually create one? Let’s get into it.


The creation process

Once you get around to actually create an on-demand photographer marketplace app, there are a few steps you need to perform. First of all, affiliating with photographers is the major step. Contacting prospective professionals, telling them about your project and then convincing them to affiliate with you is perhaps the most important part of the development process.

After this is done, consider developing the matching algorithm. Depending on the resources, you could use automatic or manual matching, but it is better to start out with a small location in order to learn how your matching algorithm actually works. Once you are satisfied, consider expansion and then tweak your matching algorithm to suit your needs.

As for the app part, you would need two types of apps- one for end-users and one for photographers. Design these apps, keeping UI and UX in mind, for the best results. Also, having sturdy and solid servers which can handle the data of both users and photographers is a must.

Perform all these steps thoroughly, and you’ll have with yourself a great on-demand photographer marketplace!


Some examples

  1. Snappr


create an ondemand photographer marketplace app


Snappr is a photographer marketplace which allows users to hire professionals for varied shoot types. They claim to hire only the best of the bunch, with visible ratings, reviews and photographer profiles. With a Google rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, Snappr is one of the most popular and best photographer marketplaces out there. Prices start at USD 59 for a mini shoot with 10 high-res images included, along with image enhancement services. They go as high as USD 749 for a full day shoot with all high-res images included and image enhancement services.


  1. Snapsquad

create an ondemand photographer marketplace app

Similar to Snappr, Snapsquad is an online photographer marketplace which aims to provide users with the best photography services for all their needs. They cover areas such as fashion, food, weddings and many more, along with photographers specializing in certain areas. If you are looking for a food photographer, chances are you’ll find just the right guy on Snapsquad. There is no fee for photographers to sign up or list themselves on Snapsquad, therefore, no bookings mean no fees.

This is how we create an on-demand photographer marketplace! Incorporating all the necessary features, mastering the creation process and drawing inspiration from the best in the business is all it takes to create an on-demand photographer marketplace app that can have used the adjective “blockbuster” along with it. In case you have a product ready on somewhat a different lines, you can get in touch with us to seamlessly pivot, or just add the functionality of OnDemand photographer marketplace. Have a look at our guide on how to pivot the business model of a startup/company.


Contact Us to create an OnDemand photographer marketplace app.

Sodio has long been involved into the OnDemand economy as we have developed a number of OnDemand platforms in the past. With a vast experience in this space, our designers, developers and product managers are here to create an OnDemand photographer marketplace app for you.



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