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Design lessons from the Instagram App





What started seven years back has brought Instagram into the Billion Dollar club. The journey has been outstanding, and the app has undergone a defining transformation since the time it started out. Based on different user inputs, and the changing digital landscape, Instagram kept upgrading its app with newer features and functionality.

Everybody is aware of the customer retention and engagement that Instagram has created, something that most image based apps have not been able to. So, what’s that secret potion Instagram has been brewing? You can give due credit to the app design, which has been able to capture not just enough attention but also managed to give the app its followers. Here we will take you through the design lessons that you can get from studying the Instagram app.


Solve one problem

The application you are developing should solve at least one problem that is faced by your target audience. Let’s get to the core of the problem being faced by the audience who are currently using Instagram. They needed an App which could make their photos look more charming and professional, and then finally use those photos on different social networking apps. The app managed to include 20 different filters, which allowed users to easily improve their images, and make their photos look good. They could edit the photos on their own, which made it seem like a professional photograph.

The app seamlessly solved one problem their user group was facing. If you are planning on an Instagram like app, then you need to focus your energies on solving one issue. This will help improve the retention and get people to engage with your app.


Prioritize your app functions

Instagram has prioritized the uploading and sharing of your images. You can upload the images, and share it across the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. You can even share a specific image to particular users directly. The number of images that you can share at a time is a finite number. Basically, uploading it on the app first and then sharing it has been prioritized, and is made available in a seamless way.

When you are designing an app, make sure you have prioritized the functions that are essential. The functions should be identified and should progress in a manner that they can work in a seamless manner. You should know how important the functions are and the sequence that works perfectly for your user. Based on this prioritization, you would be able to give your users the ultimate experience.


Add new features

The one mistake that most app-based start-ups often make is that they stop introducing new features. Instagram may have reached the billion-dollar zenith but, that did not stop them from adding new and interesting features to the app.

The video feature was one of the most significant additions to the app. It allowed users to create a 15-second video that not just entertained the viewers but also ensured minimum download time. It also introduced 13 new filters which were specifically meant for the videos. In due course of time, it introduced the Cinema feature which triggered image stabilization. So, your wobbly footage could be converted into a professional looking video within minutes. This feature allowed Instagram to stand apart amidst the tough competition that surrounded photo apps.

As an app business, you need to study your audience, and constantly upgrade your app to meet their new needs. Understand the gap that exists in your niche, and keep updating features that can possibly solve your core problem, and keep your audience rooted to your business.


Work on your core audience

For Instagram, the app audience is their core audience. Though they have allowed users to view the photos on the website, they don’t allow users to post photos on the website. If you want to share the photos, you will need to login to your app, and complete it.

The idea is to concentrate on the core audience and work on improving things for them. Build the necessary app environment for your niche, and based on a complete understanding of how they prefer using the app, upgrade the app.

These are just some of the lessons regarding design that you can learn from Instagram. It surely works in tandem with the user’s needs. If you have been looking to develop an Instagram like App that will take your business to the next level, then connect with us at Sodio technologies. We build on your idea to offer the perfect app solution.


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