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How to Develop an App like Clubhouse

Develop App like Clubhouse

The shift from physical to digital has forged innovation and gave birth to many digital communication and social media apps along the way. ClubHouse is one of those apps that is all everyone seems to be buzzing about. It promises a unique experience with minimalistic design with the centerpiece being high-value conversations and not content. It has created a huge growth potential for a new class of social media apps known as voice chat apps.

The advent of ClubHouse comes bearing endless opportunities of growth in audio chat apps. If ClubHouse is the Facebook of voice chat apps, you could create Twitter. But to develop an app like ClubHouse you need to know what makes it unique. So lets take a look at how ClubHouse works and the things that make it unique.

How does ClubHouse work: What makes it unique?

Clubhouse started turning heads for becoming a place where people could talk, meet, and share ideas. Its minimalistic design and unique experience has allowed it to reach 6 million users in a timespan of 8 months. It lets you create and join rooms where you can chat with others on a conference call. The app doesn’t allow you to share pictures, videos, or even text. Its lines as a audio chat app are rigid. This is what makes it different from other social media apps that offer other features apart from audio chatting and conference calls.

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The homescreen of the app is where you will see a list of rooms with a list of who is there in each of those rooms. You can then explore different conversations by hopping in or out of those rooms by tapping on them. Users can join and leave the call at any time. They enter the rooms as audience members and have to “raise the hand” if they want to talk. The speaker can then choose whether to invite you to speak or not.

Develop App like Clubhouse

The rooms are generally hosted by experts, celebrities, venture capitalists, journalists, entrepreneurs, and so on. It also allows its users to create rooms. The app has also hired moderators to ensure that the platform is a place for healthy dialogues while fostering free speech.

But the concepts of separate rooms and conference calls existed long before ClubHouse. So what are the features that ClubHouse brings to the table that make it unique? Here are 4 takeaways from the apps features that will prove to be very helpful to develop an app like ClubHouse:

  • It focuses on audio which is where the content is leaning towards today.
  • Content isn’t king, content quality and value is.
  • Allows you to connect with like-minded individuals and engage with professionals within your industry.
  • It offers access to rooms where you can have high-value conversations with others on a variety of subjects in real-time.
  • Its biggest feature is its exclusivity. You need to have an invite to access the app.
  • The “raise the hand” feature marginally simplifies moderating the conversations.

These impressive features make ClubHouse unique and are the biggest reason for the disruption it is creating. But the list doesn’t end here. To develop an app like ClubHouse you need to think every aspect of an audio chat app through and incorporate features that provide a unique and seamless user experience.

Develop App like Clubhouse

How to Develop an App Like ClubHouse: Features you Need to Incorporate

By including the right combination of features in your ClubHouse like app, you can seize the untapped opportunities in the market. Here is a list of 7 features that are absolutely critical to the success of your voice chat app:

  • Onboarding

ClubHouse features a quick, simple and straightforward profile-creation process where the users just need to enter their name and phone number to register. The process is basic and minimalistic with the profiles containing just a picture, name, and short description.

  • Hallways

The ClubHouse hallway is the place where the users can take a look at the current chat rooms along with the followed ones. The hallway is also the place where you can send out invitations, look for dates for upcoming rooms, search for other users, and manage their profiles.

  • Clubs

Incorporating the feature to make or join clubs into your ClubHouse like app is very crucial to its success. Clubs are groups that are created around specific topics which bring like-minded individuals with the same interest together.

  • Invitations

Keeping your app exclusive by introducing invite-only access makes your app unique and transforms your users into promoters. Allow your users to invite their contacts by connecting their contact lists to the app.

  • Rooms

A room is a place where discussions take place. You can view rooms, join existing rooms, and create your own. They also allow users to see the members and the things they are talking about. It also allows you to view the details of the speaker, moderator, and listeners. Since the users join as audience in every room, they can tune in to a room, listen to a conversation or leave it and explore others in the hallway.

  • Notifications

Enable push notifications for your users when they get new followers, invitation to rooms, when someone they follow schedules a room, or when a contact invites them to speak or attend a session.

  • Moderation

This is a feature that is yet to be included in ClubHouse but needs to be implemented to ensure healthy dialogues in your app.

To develop an app like ClubHouse, you’ll need these features in your quiver to ensure its success. But there are other things that you need to figure out in order to tap this market and develop a voice chat app. 

Develop App like Clubhouse

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