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How to Develop a Personal Trainer App?



personal trainer app


Staying fit is the norm! Given our lifestyle, it is nearly impossible for us to follow a particular regime for fitness. That’s precisely why the gym culture has taken over. You would have observed a rise in the number of gyms and fitness studios, making sure we stay fit. What if you are unable to visit the gym owing to the inconvenient timing or because they are located too far from your residence? Worse still, what if you are in a traveling job? That would mean, you would have to bunk the gym every second day, as your job demands you to keep moving.

What is your way out? Download the personal trainer app, and go mobile with your fitness regime! Yes, there is an app for that. The amount of investment in the fitness segment speaks volumes about its marketability and the growing need.

7-minute Personal trainer app is one such brilliant discovery in the fitness mobile app solutions. It helps you stay fit despite your tough work schedule. This app is almost akin to hiring a personal trainer who offers you a workout schedule that matches your personal needs. It will run you through intensive workout sessions.

This app has been a success since its launch. Along with impressive workout schedules, easy-to-use interface, it is also backed by an in-depth research.

Are you planning to develop your own personal trainer app? Here are a few things that you might want to consider to help develop another success like the 7-minute workout app.


personal trainer app

Integrating Voice Commands

 In the post-app era, where you have Chatbots, it has become increasingly important for you to integrate voice commands into your app. This is specifically true for the workout apps, wherein users need to perform certain tasks while working out. They cannot stop working out, control the app and resume the workout. That would hinder their experience. With voice commands, the users can continue working out while they are commanding the app to perform certain functions.

It is important to integrate one of the virtual assistants to your mobile app. You will need to work in tandem with Chatbot technology in order to boost the overall app experience.


Video Training Feature

Videos are important for personal trainer app.

  • The one you are training is not next to you. If you want to give them a good idea about the exercises, you need to show it to them
  • Videos help demonstrate the workout perfectly
  • You will also be able to tell them the wrong methods of performing the workout so that they avoid a jerk or something terrible

Video APIs need to be integrated into the app. This can cause troubles in-app optimization. Either your app takes up a lot of space or, your app takes a longer time to load. Either way, you are about to lose a precious conversion. The best way to handle it is to optimize your video feature.

If you are developing an Android app, you will need to use Android multimedia framework which allows you to play video/audio from raw resources. For iOS, you will need to use MPMoviePlayerController. Such frameworks help in reducing the loading speed and improving the app’s usage.


Music for Training

Workout and music go hand in hand, which is why you need to explore music options for your workout app. You will need to consider implementing the right audio framework for your app. There are several options that are available for iOS and Android. Depending on the OS you are developing the app for, you can choose the audio framework.


Consider Wearables

When you are developing a fitness app, you cannot ignore the wearable technology. You will need to develop the app for the wearable technology as well so that they are not just optimized for the platform but also harness the potential of the wearable.

The wearable based mobile app will improve your tracking and measuring capabilities.


AI-based workout apps

Artificial intelligence helps improve your user’s workout capabilities and allows you to offer a workout that matches their personal needs. You might want to consider incorporating artificial intelligence to gain insights into your user’s workout habits so that you know what they prefer. This will help your app to be smart and useful to the user and might increase the engagement ratio for your app.


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Sodio technologies offer incredible fitness app solutions that match your target audience needs. We integrate the emerging technologies to give out incredible solutions that work in real-time. The market for the fitness industry is still on the rise, make the most of it. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding your fitness related app development projects like that of Yoga App Development.

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