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Diet and Nutrition App Development: Make a Diet App for the Millenials.

diet and nutrition app developmentIn 2018, it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t wish to be fit. Which is why Health and Fitness is one of the best verticals to build an amazing product within. Having created a number of amazing and successful fitness and wellness apps in the past, Sodio is constantly approached by teams, fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to make apps in the fitness niche. Many of those proposals happen to be centered around diet and nutrition. So in this blog, we are going to discuss the whole vertical of diet and nutrition app development.

In this technology-driven and sedentary lifestyle, everything is available to us at our doorsteps without having to do much except sitting on the couch and tapping the screens on our phones. As a result, people don’t pay attention to their physical fitness. Our generation is definitely a lazy generation and there is no outlet for the number of calories we gain in a day. More interestingly, even if we are not obese or overweight we can still have health issues related to our diet and we fail to understand the importance of these issues and their consequences for the future. Since all that people do is sit on their beds/chairs/recliners and use their smartphone, it is, therefore important that a smartphone app is made for the nutritive care of the body and to remind us that our diet is crucial. This is why creating a nutritionist app or a making a dietician app is an amazing idea.

When it comes to designing the diet and nutrition application, there are many basic features that should be kept in mind. These are listed below as per the requirements of diet and nutrition app development.

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diet and nutrition app development

Features for Diet and Nutrition App Development.

diet and nutrition app development

  • Login – Logging in is a basic feature that you should include when you are making a diet and nutrition apps these days. Logging in should include the option of logging in with Facebook or Google account or creating an account with your email id as some people may not have Facebook.
  • Your Account – If you make a dietician app or create an app for nutritionists, the app should give a personalized experience to its users. When it comes to food apps, it is an obvious thing for your app to have statistics of calorie count in each one of your meals, your daily goals, and your total progress. It can also include your long-term goals such as reaching your dream weight. There can also be a leaderboard like a feature wherein you earn points for every task you complete towards your goal and there are offers that await you on their completion or just a little competitiveness that can integrate the people more in your app.
  • Dashboard – This one’s a little different for diet and nutrition app development as compared with the other app types at the app stores. A dashboard is a sort of like a summary of all the activities that you are involved in your app. The dashboard of your app could include

Today’s goal will be with respect to the diet of the users. Apparently, if done right, it could govern the success of your diet and nutrition app development. You can set a limit to the number of calories you want to take in according to the ones prescribed by nutritionists and the app matches every meal you had with the number of calories it contains and puts up a comparison with its goal. Also, instead of tasking in the number of calories you had, the diet and nutrition app you’re making could calculate it for you according to the goal you set. This is something that you should know you’re making a nutritionist app. These could then be carried on to the next day in order to ensure your progress towards the big goal. Completing everyday goal also leads to stepping up on the leaderboards.

Progress towards your big goal is also an important feature to remember if you decide to make a diet app as it gives an overall idea about where you stand in the bigger picture or if you would be able to fit into the dress sooner than your set date. Your dashboard can also include the amount of exercise you need to do in order to escape the sedentary lifestyle you have built for yourself. You can feed in the areas where you want to get rid of the excess fat and then recommend you a bunch of exercises which you can try at home. Or you could enter the amount of exercise you did and on the basis of average calculations, the app tells you how much calories you lost that day.

What do I eat today should basically list out a number of options from your selected vegetables and help you chart their calorie intake. This can also be a great add-on for your diet and nutrition app development if you manage to do it in the right manner.

My community basically integrates you with other people who are on their road to fitness and will push you to work more towards your goal. The community could prove out to be an amazing tool for marketing the diet and nutrition you’re making too.

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diet and nutrition app development

Another important aspect is connectivity with your smartwatch as it gives details of your heart rate and the number of footsteps.

  • Push Notifications – What if the day is about to end and you still haven’t completed your goals or what if you’ve forgotten to feed in your day’s activities? Make sure that proper methodology is being implemented for push notifications when you set out for diet and nutrition app development. Well, there should be some prompts from the app in order to make sure you do this as else you’ll get behind on your targets. Hence enabling notifications is a must.
  • Help – Again, a basic feature that most apps have. If there is something that you can’t figure out about the application or something that has gone wrong then there needs to be some contact information as to whom to reach and the help features will provide. It could be a chatbot or a simple FAQ page, but it’s a must.
  • Feedback – When you publish an app there is always room for improvement and you should take feedback from your users. Sometimes the feedback users give is very productive and hence it must not be ignored. You can also include a user-friendly tutorial for first-time users to make it all the easier.
  • Incredible UI/UX – Your diet and nutrition app must have a splendid design as it is a very important feature and it should be easy to understand by people. This is a very important thing to remember if you’re looking to make a diet and nutrition app. Sometimes an app that is confusing with too many buttons doesn’t really help always as the user doesn’t understand what feature does what. It is like too many cooks spoiling the broth. Hence, the key is to keep it smart yet simple. Always remember, not just with creating a diet app or nutrition app development: Less is More. Also, having beautiful and interactive designs mean the brains behind this app are good ones, hence supercool and user-friendly UI/UX for the win, definitely.

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These were the basic features should be in the application if you decide to create a diet app or make a nutritionist app from scratch. There can be a number of features in your application but there should be some specification as to what you want the main aim of your app to be. Is it calorie counting? Is it diet planning? Is it exercise oriented? Below we list out some common type apps that you can consider when you decide to make a diet and nutrition app and what they do so that you can make a selection as to what suits you best.

diet and nutrition app development

Types of Diet and Nutrition Apps.

diet and nutrition app development

  • Calorie Counting Apps – This is the best option for yourself if you are looking to pursue diet and nutrition app development. Such an app is mainly used for achieving weight loss or weight gain goals. Let’s discuss all the important things that you must know in order to create  The user enters his/her desired weight and the kind of food he/she has daily and to give an estimate of calories consumed daily. Then the user can feed in the food they had and accordingly be given a list of exercise needed to be done in order to reach the daily goal. They could also point out where all they want to lose weight exactly and then be given exercises, particularly for such areas. For example, reducing face fat or arm fat. For people looking to gain some body weight, there could also be suggestions on what kind of food to eat. Example: HealthifyMe is listed in the Editor’s Choice for Google Play Store. It helps you make a diet plan, count your steps, calculates your BMI just to tell you where to start. It also has the calorie count of many Indian foods and can help you chart how much you gained or lost in a day.

Lose It! Is another popular application which helps keep track of the weight they gain or lose. An interesting feature of the app is that it can list out food items from its database by the picture you feed into it. So, this was all you needed to know about calorie counting for your diet and nutrition app development.

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  • Diet Planning Apps – These type of apps help you decide your food in case you are confused about what to eat and manage your food properly. Users can feed in their preferences and there can be options to select from vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian meals etc. Then a number of meals can show up and the user can decide which one is the best for them and add to their list. This would be very helpful for the success of your diet and nutrition app development.Example: Lifesum is another application on Play Store Editor’s Choice. It lists out what all you can eat, tracks your diet, calculates your daily macros, nutrition, and calories.
  • Get Your Personal Nutritionist – This kind of application connects you with the leading nutritionists who can provide you tips as to what to include in your meal and what kind of food leads to how much weight gain or loss. Basically, in place of an app interface, you get the specialized human experience as well. You have experts giving you tips on what to eat and how many workouts to do and many people actually prefer. A personal nutritionist can do wonders for the success of your personal nutritionist app.Example: Tweak and Eat is an application that allows you send a picture of your plate to a nutritionist and he can analyze your plate for you while you are sitting at home and can get a diet plan at your doorstep.
  • Betting App – For people who need more motivation than just weight loss betting apps provides the perfect incentives. This could also be a great option for you to pursue if you are looking to create a diet and nutrition app. The user can set a goal as to how much they want to bet on themselves for losing weight with a group of other players and in the end, if they achieve their goal they win back their money. So, basically, you’re losing weight and making money off of it. Talk about an incentive?
  • Grocery Marketplace Applications – This application provides you with a list of what can be found where and guides you on the best products available nearby for adding to your diet. Need that fat-free yogurt? They’ve got you covered.

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diet and nutrition app development

Additional Features for Diet and Nutrition App

diet and nutrition appThere are so many ideas that you can add to your diet and nutrition mobile application when it comes to it. Here’s a few more.

  • You can specialize your application for a target audience or divide it into divide subcategories such as pregnant ladies or children under 10 or adolescent teenagers or 40-year-olds. Each of these categories has different diet requirement and hence it is feasible to divide them and then give a plan accordingly. 
  • Users can add their own recipes and it could be approved by the health experts before being put up on the recipe list to be used by other people. This would make the app experience more interactive.
  • There can be barcode scanning in order to implement food logging. You will just need a good database having details of all the food items available and this would give the food content details and give information about the calorie intake of the day.
  • There could be diet recommendations as well on the basis of the food logging and the user could get to try new and healthier recipes.
  • There should be an option to search other types of food that are available under similar categories.
  • A good community: More and more users of the app means more people working towards their health means a number of inspirators, hence a strong community is a must.

So, if you think that you have an app idea for diet apps then you can contact us and we promise to get back to you. Our app development experience is surely going to leave you happy.

How can Sodio Help with Diet and Nutrition App Development?

Years of experience and the know-how we’ve gathered with the previous fitness products will help us make an amazing diet and nutrition app for you. Our design tailored for the fitness regime has been recognized by clients and customers all over the world. While using cutting-edge technology for the futuristic tech products is always a top priority at Sodio, scalability, and robustness is never overlooked. So, are you looking to create an amazing diet and nutrition app and have some questions in mind? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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