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Different approaches of making Travel Apps


Travel Apps


“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Just like Alice, you would not want to go back to the conventional ways of booking your travel. The time when you relied on actual agents to get your bookings done, no longer exists. You have travel apps that help you book anything and everything travel with ease. With the convenience the travel apps offer, you can no longer go back to the conventional methods. Right from the flights to the stay to the leisure activities in the place you are staying at, everything is available at your fingertips.

As a travel app developer, we have come across multiple travel app development approaches. If you are planning on a travel start-up or, wish to join the app bandwagon with your travel app idea, here are a few types of app that you can think upon. They are all meant to serve different purposes and have definitely eased out the life of the end user.

Let us take you through the different approaches we have identified for travel apps.


Travel Apps

Flight/Hotel Booking Apps

There are online travel agencies that have made it easy for you to book flights, hotels and holidays. These travel apps aggregate information using the specific APIs, and ensure you get the information within seconds of your search. They have integrated the global distribution system API to their app. These apps are designed in a way that they include multi-language support, integrate the different payment gateways, enable order editing, and incorporate the features necessary to improve the customer experience.


Leisure Booking Apps

Places such as Dubai are known for various adventure sports and sights that you should see. The hot air balloon ride is quite famous. With the leisure booking app, you can search for the leisure activities in the particular place you are planning to holiday at. Get an idea of what all you can do there, and book those activities before you head for the holiday. This makes it convenient, as you have the scope of saving money, and you won’t need to spend the currency you have converted on booking leisure activities.

Adventure Booking Apps

There are apps that allow you to see what adventure activities are conducted in the different parts of the world. If you are planning a getaway or a proper adventure holiday, these apps can help you with it. They will not only tell you the best price for the adventure in the cities you are planning but also ensure you have booked the right place. It gives you a complete comparison of activities and pricing.


Home Stay Booking Apps

Homestays are growing largely popular especially among the backpacker group. There are many homestay options available, which need to be cashed upon. There are apps that allow you to book these homestays. Apps like Airbnb help you book homestays in a secure and convenient way. These apps integrate secure payment gateways. The people who want to rent out the rooms int their homes can also use these apps. It is the marketplace that allows the people offering homestay connect with those looking to book one. Such apps are easy to use and serve a variety of purposes.


Rent your Transport

When you visit a foreign location, renting the mode of transport can give you a headache. You may not be aware of the local transport that runs in these places. Such apps allow you to rent the apt transport in foreign places, making it easy for you to travel to and fro while staying economical.


The Guide App

There are mobile apps that help you explore the destination you are planning. They help you know the place inside out, right from what are the best places to stay to the time taken to travel to these places from the airport to the leisure activities you should indulge in. These trip advisors have redefined the way people look at travelling. The famous food and the restaurants are also listed out in these apps. It is the perfect guide to the place you are planning to travel to.


Travel Itinerary App

These apps help you plan the entire travel. It helps you know how many days of travel you need to go holiday in a particular place. These apps send you notifications regarding your travel plan, right from the flights to the hotel check-ins; everything is notified to the traveler in nick of time. So, if you have forgotten your plan, the apps will make sure you remember and are in time for everything.


These are the different travel apps that have definitely made life easy for the traveler. If you have an idea for a travel app, Sodio technologies will help you bring it to reality with excellent execution and proven practices. Connect with us for a smooth execution.

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