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Digital Transformation of Healthcare Industry



The average spending on healthcare has gone up by Billions of dollars. This has increased the need for personalized patient care. The time has come for people and companies involved in healthcare to define new standards, come out with better business models and devise new strategies to maximize healthcare and reduce the risks. Digital transformation of healthcare industry allows to strengthen care delivery and simplify the operations for better patient care. They are striving hard to improve patient interaction through asset optimization and resource utilization.

In case of healthcare, the complexity involved in digitalisation is high. The reason being patient care is a continuous process, and there are records that need to be managed, and history that needs to be shared. A long-term relationship is key to healthcare industry and the digital transformation. You will need to work on going

You will need to work on going paperless and improving the standards of care by improving the processes involved. Along with proper care, the end users in the healthcare industry are looking for competitive pricing structure and excellent support. There is also a need for increased accessibility of healthcare. All the new needs from the end users have led to creation of new opportunities in healthcare. Let’s look at some of the opportunities that digitization of healthcare industry has called for.


HotTopiDigital Transformation of Healthcare Industry

Accessing Patient Records

Doctors need to continuously access patient records, which involves access of patient history. This has become possible with the electronic medical records, which has become the digital way of handling patient data. Doctors and hospitals no longer rely on traditional methods of entering and storing the data. In fact, the data centers and the customer managed relationships data is also merged with the new methods of data collection and storage, in order to offer complete accessibility. Now, doctors can access the records from the start, anywhere at any time. If you are changing the doctor, you don’t need to worry about starting over. You can simply ask them to check the EMRs to know your history.

Now, doctors can access the records from the start, anywhere at any time. If you are changing the doctor, you don’t need to worry about starting over. You can simply ask them to check the EMRs to know your history.


Better Decision Making

Analysis of your condition is very important for a doctor. It is important for them to study your condition in detail before they can offer a solution. Digital transformation of healthcare industry offers analytics that allows you to study the data that you have received from the different sources. With the analytics integrated to your software solution, you can easily interpret the data, and offer solutions in real-time. This ensures you can make decisions in real-time, which improves your capabilities immensely.



Earlier, you had to wait till the doctor checked your pulse or your BP to know if there is something wrong with you. Your fitness depended on your doctor’s diagnosis. With wearable technology, you can easily measure your pulse rate, your heartbeat, calories burnt and other details concerning your health. Connect with your mobile devices, and it becomes an explicit example of IoT. You can check on your health and keep your concerns monitored.

If the oxygen level goes below what it should be, your wearable will notify you. You can take the necessary steps. This is what digital transformation of healthcare industry has to offer to the end users.


Artificial Intelligence and Smart Care

AI is an emerging technology which will change the face of healthcare. It helps identify the risks concerning the user and will allow you to take necessary steps to mitigate them. It will allow doctors to collaborate to offer better patient care. Real-time solutions to the patient are possible with the integration of AI in the healthcare solutions. The idea is to improve real-time problem solving capabilities for a happy consumer.         



Digital Transformation of Healthcare Industry




Admin Management

Digital transformation of healthcare industry will impact the administration of hospitals and patient care immensely. Availability of the different assets can be identified with ease with the real-time software solutions available for healthcare. These mobile and web solutions will tell you if the inventory is available, which machines need to be maintained, and other admin related tasks for a seamless operation. It is the asset management and utilization that will eventually exceed the user’s expectations of patient care.

Telemedicine is also an opportunity made available with the digital transformation of healthcare industry. The healthcare industry will take to mobile and cloud to enhance patient care capabilities.

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