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Ecommerce App Development trends



Eight months have passed by in 2017, and we have observed several advancements and changes in technology. Emerging technologies have been adopted and a few of them are no longer existent. We saw the end of the spectacular era of MS Paint in 2017. Amidst all these changes and adaptations, we saw a major transformation in the ecommerce industry. Making it easy for the end customers, the ecommerce industry has become mobile optimized, and offers ease & convenience to the end users. By adopting few of the emerging technologies, it has certainly taken the customer-centric approach.

With mobile apps being adopted widely, you would observe eCommerce shifting from websites to mobile. According to a popular survey, approximately 60% of the revenue for eCommerce comes from mobile apps. Having said this, it has become important for eCommerce stores to incorporate the modern trends, and make the necessary shift for increased customer convenience.

Here we will take you through the eCommerce app development trends that you need to include when creating your next eCommerce app. This will help you increase your customer base, and improve profitability.


The Chat Feature



If your mobile app does not chat with the prospects, you might just lose out on your customers. This feature should be incorporated first in your ecommerce app. Why?

Customers tend to prefer offline shopping as there is this assistant (either in the shop or their friends and family) who will help them select. For example if you are shopping for clothes, you always want someone to help you choose the right type of outfit. When shopping online, you cannot try the clothes and get the real idea of the outfit. Secondly, most of the online shopping is done alone. If that’s the case, you might want someone who can assist you with the dress, and how it would look on you.

The chat feature will help you connect with your friends, family or even the ecommerce store assistant almost immediately, thus getting the advice on the dress. This can be extended to other ecommerce stores as well. The chat feature is trending, and if you don’t have one in your app, it is time you get it incorporated.


VR with Retail



The time has come to cater to the smart consumer. Imagine being able to showcase how they look with the outfits you are offering, to the customer? They would get an offline like experience when shopping online at your store. This is the experience that the customers are likely to get if you consider incorporating VR in your retail store.

Featuring product demonstrations will become easy with VR in retail outlets. With VR, you can browse quickly and easily and opt for faster checkouts. In fact, if the concept of payments in virtual environment is incorporated, you might be able to complete payment while in the VR environment.

The engagement levels are high with VR in retail.


Mobile payments

eCommerce stores have linked with various payment gateways to make payments within the apps easy for you. The backend is linked to your banks in a secure, thus ensuring you don’t compromise secure information.

Today, you have advanced a step further in terms of payments with the mobile payments. You will see that most people prefer mobile payments over other methods, even when they are shopping offline. The world is going cashless, and it is time your eCommerce app includes mobile payment as an option. This way there is no need to remember the card numbers or, the password to get through netbanking. Your phone is enough, and the payment mode is still secure.


Enable voice search



Voice assisted searches can be quite a catch feature for your ecommerce app. Most people tend to shop while they are mobile. At such a time, typing may not be entirely possible for them. If your app allows them to search for their products via voice, this can help them and in fact increase engagement for your application. The voice searches in fact make shopping inclusive, and get more people on-board. If you have not yet thought of including this feature to your mobile app, probably it is time to do so.


Improve relevancy

Shoppers prefer when you remember what they looked for last time, and offer them goods accordingly. Personalized shopping solutions are a good idea for increasing engagement in your ecommerce app. If you have not been working towards improving relevancy, it is time to get that right. This will increase your chances of improving conversions. Try upselling and cross-selling on your mobile app for increased engagement.

The time has come to improve your ecommerce app, and include the advanced technologies for better conversions. The idea is to have people on your store for a longer time, and make sure they give you better returns.

Sodio Technologies offers excellent ecommerce app solutions with current and emerging trends. We have years of experience, and keep ourselves abreast with current trends to give you a successful app.


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