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How to successfully launch an Event discovery App?


Event Discovery App


Nowadays, everyone is becoming a bit more aware of the social, adventure and other events happening around them. People not only participate and become a part of the local event but are also encouraging their families.

With a lot of people showing interest in the adventure sports, local dancing – singing events or talent discovery events, a large number of organizers have started organizing the same.


What Is An Event Discovery App?

With the advancement in technology and the proliferation of the smart devices, the best way to book the tickets for an event is through the apps and websites. There are a plethora of event discovery apps which enable the event organizers to raise awareness about the events among the people and facilitate easy ticket booking.

One can download these apps on their smartphones and tablets to glean information about the event’s details, book tickets and provide feedback.


Event Discovery App

How To Successfully Launch An Event Discovery App?

To develop and launch an event discovery app, it’s important to equip the app with the advanced modules and comprehensive functionality. Here are the steps which you need to follow in order to launch one of these apps.


App Development

The first and most underlying step of launching an event discovery app is to develop the app with the requisite set of features and functionalities.

An online entertainment and booking app require some fundamental features which include:

  • Choice of language to enable the users to proceed with the app in the desired language and make their bookings comfortable.
  • An event calendar which can highlight the different events for which bookings are available with the apt details like event date, ticket booking options, ticket availability as well as the tariff.
  • An intuitive section which can recommend some personalized entertainment suggestions to the users on the basis of the app’s learning from users’ past choices, purchase behaviour and preferences.
  • A wallet feature which can enable easy payments for the users
  • A secure payment feature which can ensure the security of the payment information entered in the email
  • A map feature which can help the users understand the clear directions for reaching the event venue

Develop an intuitive, smart and secure app with the aforementioned and other basic features to facilitate easier event bookings for the users.


App Quality Testing

After developing the app, it is vital to make it undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure that its flawless and all its functions as well as features are working ideally. Conduct the thorough testing including functional testing, performance testing, load testing and security testing etc.


Submit The App To The App Store

Another big challenge that most people encounter after developing the app is its submission to the app store.

Each app store has its own set of regulations and guidelines which one needs to strictly adhere to, in order to get the app selected for the app store.


Market and Launch Your App

Once the app is submitted to the app store, then, you need to make it popular among the users so that they download and use it. Among the best ways to market your app include its app store optimization, marketing of the app on the social media channels, publish the press releases pertaining to the app and make the top app review sites publish its review.

Your primary goal should be to popularize the app so that it rises on the app store charts and becomes more discoverable. One of the most common and highly successful strategies for marketing an app is the creation of the video.

An app video showcasing its features and functionalities is one of the most effective and expressive ways to introduce your app. A video lets its potential users understand that why they need to download the app and what benefits are offered by it. Some other marketing strategies that can help you to make your app popular among its target segment include:

  • Sign Up with Event Agencies and make them list their events on your platform.
  • Tap all your existing users and persuade them to download the app
  • Reach out to all the people who are on your press list
  • Indulge in paid advertising for a few days to let your app reach its target customers
  • Continue to engage your app users

If you don’t want to take all this hassle and are seeking a reliable technology firm that can help you develop a custom event booking app, then you can contact Sodio Technologies.

Sodio Technologies is a leading mobile app development company that excels in developing different types of bespoke mobile apps. We have developed apps for various industry verticals and niches, and have a seasoned team of developers that excels at developing the pioneering apps.


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