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Flutter App Development

Flutter App Development

The explosive increase in the number of smartphone users has created an urgency for all businesses to have mobile apps for staying in the competition. This increased competition calls for efficient development tools and practices.

Flutter is one such tool that has distinguished itself and has become widely popular in mobile application development today.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile UI framework created by Google. It was released in May 2017 and has become extremely popular since. Today, it is widely used by mobile app developers to build robust, scalable, and engaging apps. Flutter enables the developers to develop apps for multiple platforms using one programming language and code base.

Flutter consists of a software development kit (SDK) that consists of various tools to aid development. These tools also include compilers that compile the code into native machine code i.e. code for different platforms (iOS and Android). The other part of Flutter is the UI Framework, which is a UI library based on widgets. It is a collection of reusable UI elements used to develop personalized applications with best-in-class typography, icons, and scrolling behaviors.

Flutter App Development

Flutter enables mobile apps to roll-out faster across multiple platforms. This contributes significantly to reduce the development time and costs and helps in achieving maximum productivity possible.

Why should you build your app in Flutter?

Flutter app development has become widely popular in a short time. It has a broad combination of unique features that make it stand apart from other SDKs. It also offers a wide range of benefits for both developers as well as business owners.

Here are some of the many reasons to choose Flutter app development for your mobile application:

Rapid App Development

Features like Hot Reload and a single codebase for iOS and Android enable developers to build feature-packed applications in record times. Hot Reload allows the developers to see their changes in real-time, without the need to save the file. This lets the developer build UI, add modifications, and debug apps faster than ever. These features in Flutter app development also increase the room of experimentation at the developer’s end.

Flutter is Open-source

Flutter, being an open-source platform, enables you to create an excellent solution out of your unique idea in a budget-friendly way. Able Flutter developers can build elegant apps with seamless customer-experiences using Built-in material design (for Android apps), rich motion APIs, and Cupertino Widgets (for iOS apps). Flutter also offers a wide range of design options for the developers to explore customized app development.

Flutter App Development
Expressive UI

The reason for the end-products of Flutter app development having a beautiful UI is its rich set of widgets. It allows the developers to make the UI expressive and intuitive by aligning its collection of the visual, structural, platform, and interactive widgets with the client’s business models. Apart from providing elegant designs, these widgets contribute equally to the functionality of the cross-platform apps.

Flutter app development offers other benefits like cost-effective development, easy app management, robust community support. Additionally, Flutter lets developers utilize Google Firebase support as a backend to develop scalable apps.

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Top Apps built on Flutter

In the words of mobile app developers across the industry, Flutter is more reliable than any other cross-platform mobile framework out there. Flutter has decreased development times and crash rates and increased efficiency and user satisfaction. Flutter provides swift development opportunities over other frameworks because of the lack of platform constraints.

Due to these reasons and some more, many startups and established brands have chosen Flutter app development for building their apps. Below listed are some of the apps from different domains that are made using Flutter:

Flutter App Development
Google Ads (Business)

Google Ads is a business utility app that enables its users to view and manage their ad campaigns on their smartphones. It can be used for monitoring stats, updating campaigns, changing bids and budgets, get real-time alerts, etc.

Xianyu, Alibaba (Shopping)

Alibaba incorporated Flutter to power the parts of Xianyu, its m-marketplace app, to create an elegant user-experience. Xianyu connects its users to suppliers around the world and enables them to buy their products.

KlasterMe (Social Networking)

KlasterMe is the first social networking app built on Flutter. It is a social media platform that is used for creating, sharing, and discovering different forms of content from images to articles. It released its web and mobile app versions(iOS and Android) respectively in December 2018 and January 2019. The customizable flutter widgets made the development efficient and rapid.

Reflectly (Lifestyle)

Reflectly is a journal and mindfulness app built on Flutter. It allows its users to create stories in a personal journal and reflect on their day with a new set of questions every day.
It uses artificial intelligence to analyze advanced statistics to produce personal actionable insights. Flutter gives the app an elegant and expressive interface that contributes largely to engaging user experience.

Looking to create an app with Flutter?

If you are looking to create an app using Flutter, feel free to get in touch with us. Our developers are equipped with years of industry experience. We use Flutter to develop high-performance mobile apps that have an intuitive user-experience and deliver native performance.

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