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Furniture Store App Development – How to make one?





The emergence of the smartphones and the online retail stores have significantly changed the way we shop and buy products. Today, almost every product is available online and all you need to do is access the website or the app selling it, browse from the exhaustive categories of products, place the order and then wait at your doorsteps for the product to be delivered.

Everything has become so simple that one can buy anything ranging from apparels to jewellery, from groceries to furniture, and from cosmetics to accessories.


How To Develop A Furniture Store App?

In order to develop a captivating and engrossing furniture store app, it’s important to include the following vital features:

  • A gallery showcasing the latest products in the store with basic details and price
  • Ability to view a product with its pictures, specifications, details, price range and delivery information
  • Feature enabling notifications about new offers and discounts
  • Feature facilitating the contact with the customer support team through an array of channels
  • Category wise arrangement of products for the ease of browsing
  • Concise and short checkout process
  • Intuitiveness and ease of navigation within the app

While undertaking the furniture store app development, ensure that it possesses the aforementioned features.


Modules To Include For Furniture Store App Development

Here are the vital modules and features which should be considered for furniture store app development.


Access To The Products Of the Store

Provide full access to your users to the products of the store, including complete product description, pictures, prices and other details. Also, enable the users to filter the products and sort them on the basis of different criteria.


Augmented Reality

Having Augmented reality module in your App would allow the users to pick a location in their house and check how the product will look and accommodate in a certain space. This will also help them make decisions accurately because of the large amount involved.



Add an easily locatable section where users can post their questions, queries and doubts about the various products. Furniture is one of the big investments and is often high priced, and thus, users may have diverse concerns before they lock their purchase. Also, if possible enable a live chat option in the app with the help of third-party SDK.



Let the customers be able to access the videos and pictures of the various stores as well as products in a grid view with the slide option. It will have a positive impact on the customers.


Social Media Share

It is one of the most imperative front end features which you must consider for the furniture store app development. If you add a social media share button using which the users can share the different products with their friends and family through social networking channels, it will help you acquire more customers through personal recommendations.


Store Branches

If your brand also owns physical stores, let the customers discover about the location of these stores through the app, so that if they don’t want to purchase online and visit a brick & mortar store for better satisfaction, they don’t choose one of your competitors.


Furniture Store App Development

How Can Sodio Technologies Help You?

The success of an app depends on an array of factors such as its user-friendliness, ease of navigation, how well it understands the needs of the customers and how the products are displayed. The overall set of features and functionalities play a significant role in making an app an instant hit among the users.

Sodio Technologies is a pioneering mobile app development company based in Bangalore that has developed an unmatched excellence in this niche. We excel at developing online retail apps and can help you create an exceptional furniture store app capable of impressing and engrossing its users with an extensive array of features. Our team of steadfast app developers can help you with furniture store app development in the most extensive ways.

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