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Geolocation App Development: Create Location-Based Apps With Geolocation Technology.

From booking a cab home to ordering food online, everything depends on the location of both parties. And everyone is looking for the answer of “how to make a GPS tracking app”. This makes geolocation and location tagging in mobile app development very important. Depending on what’s the function of your app, how geolocation functions and is integrated within your app has a very big impact on its success. In a number of products made by us at Sodio, geolocation has been a pivotal phase of development. Be it the on-demand apps or the apps based on the hyperlocal business model, our geolocation development has always be lauded by the clients as well as the end users. We have created many amazing location-based apps. With the rising popularity of real-time and live location, the importance of geolocation app development is nothing but rising. In this blog, we are going to discuss the whole process of geolocation app development.

geolocation app development


Things to know before creating location-based Apps.

The estimated real-world geographical location of an object such as a radar source, a mobile phone or any other Internet-connected device gives the geolocation. Geolocation applications are the apps that have the ability to provide real-time location sharing and use it to provide the various services. Understanding the real-time geolocation technology is very important if you’re wondering how to make a GPS tracking location based app.

The invention of geolocation services has altogether brought a completely new dimension to the app business as it has enabled us to provide services like live tracking of the existing services and location-based services. If one would observe, a majority of mobile apps use Geolocation technology in one way or another. That is why, we believe that geolocation app development is very important. You can create a location based app easily using real-time geolocation technology.

Geolocation app development is important in terms of collecting data from the customer, such as the area he resides in, his preferences and whatnot. In fact, some applications are entirely location-based apps. This includes the online dating apps like tinder which recommend people within a certain proximity to the users and even the cab-hailing apps such as Uber and Lyft.

Other apps such as Google use your location to optimize their searches and show you results best matching with your location. This makes real-time geolocation technology even more crucial to create a location-based app. Basically, some apps are completely centred on using geolocation in providing their services while some a number of apps just use it as an extended feature to enhance their application. Now that we’ve understood the geolocation technology, let’s begin our discussion on how to make a gps tracking location based app.

geolocation app development


Location Based Apps that use Geolocation Feature:

create location based appsThere are a number of different applications for the geolocation app development feature in apps that range through a variety of verticals. Some of them include:

  • Maps and Navigation: It is obvious that apps providing maps and navigation as a service use geolocation. These apps give your current location and can estimate the time it will take to reach your destination, also giving you traffic updates on the way. Understanding how maps and navigation work behind the curtains is very important for geolocation app development.
  • E-commerce: Many e-commerce websites can use geolocation to estimate the delivery speed or to take in the location to provide delivery address more accurately.
  • Weather forecast apps: These apps use your location to estimate the area you live in and then accurately give the weather predictions and the current weather conditions of that area.
  • On-demand services app development: Apps such as Uber, Deliveroo, and Postmates take your location and provide you the best-matched service nearest to you. This includes bike-sharing apps, uber for trucking apps and even on-demand laundry app development. Geolocation app development becomes even more crucial when it comes to creating an on-demand platform.
  • Online Dating Apps: Applications such as Happn and Tinder let you meet people who are nearby to you or who were at the same place as you. Let me tell you something, an online dating can never be as successful or even close to as Tinder if they don’t master geolocation app development.
  • Place Finder Apps: These apps help you locate the restaurant and other services nearby to you or according to a location you enter and give you details about how far it is from your place and other necessary information.
  • Event Apps: Applications that find show listings according to your location or the location you have fed in and give an estimate. In case you don’t feed any location, it automatically detects your location and shows you movies and events nearby.
  • Time-Based and Memory Apps: This kind of applications allow you to check for an event that happened at the same spot by using your current location. Some examples are Check Path and Time Hop. Fitness app development has a great application of  geolocation technology too.
  • Local Facility Provider: Apps such as Yelp or Practo provide you with nearest options for the facility you asked for using your location.
  • Augmented Virtual Reality Games: These games use your location for setting a match. For example, Pokemon Go gave you pokemon using your real-time location. These games loved so widely by the young people could never see the day if these developers didn’t understand the geolocation app development properly.


  • GPS: All modern equipment have a GPS chip inside them which can track their location and timing from space. There are 4 satellites that send data to the smartphone. The GPS device receives these radio signals, notes their time of arrival and converts the signal into readable information. Using GPS technology is the best way to make a location based app.
  • CELL ID: If GPS is unavailable we can use the data from cell towers which provide you with network connectivity. Cell ID is another important example for creating location-based apps.
  • WiFi: It determines the location the same way your cell id works but with more accuracy as WiFi covers a smaller area.


geolocation app development



create location based apps

With the population being so dense all around the world, indoor geolocation is important too when it comes to modern location based apps. Indoor Geolocation can be done by Geofencing and iBeacon/Eddystone.

According to data collected, the indoor location-based market has grown from $8,12 billion in 2014 to $30,6 billion in 2016. The number of mobile devices per capita are on the rise from 9.6% in 2011 to 31.3% in 2016.

Geofencing: This is used to determine how close a person is to a particular point. Whether users are inside or outside a facility or they have just left it. It basically sets up triggers to enable the administrator when a user has left his premises. This can be done mainly by satellites or by longitudinal and latitudinal view.


Practical uses of Geofencing in location based apps:

  1. Drone Flying- Helps in creating no-fly zone, and prevents the drone from entering the forbidden area. Geolocation app development plays a pivotal role in making drones that serve a really important purpose.
  2. Monitor Vehicle Movements: If a vehicle carrying important consignment deviates from the path it can be used to control path deviations.
  3. Human Monitoring: In areas of tight security, geofencing plays an important role in ensuring a person with valid identity gets an entry.
  4. Marketing- Often companies give coupon codes to customers when they enter their facilities and use this as a marketing strategy to make more people visit their stores and use their services.
  5. Device Management- To keep track of the devices the administrator owns so that it isn’t taken by others.

iBeacon: It is a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) proximity sensing device that transmits a universally unique identifier, picked up by a compatible application or operating system. The identifier and bytes sent with it can be used for tracking the device or the customer, trigger a strictly location-based action or anything else.

Internet of Things in Location Based Apps

When we break up the word “Internet of Things”, it turns out to be an interconnection and a network of things. People who are working in the IoT space are also looking for how to make a GPS tracking location based app. All the physical objects we use are connected to the internet and also, form a network among themselves. This implies that the object is not just limited to its user but forms a part of the bigger databases. CB Insights even predicted that the total IoT revenue would increase to USD 1 trillion by the year 2025.

Geolocation IOT adds further meaning to IOT. It helps answer the following questions-

Where is your device?

Where is a device similar to your device?

What actions can be done by other remote devices?

How to make communication between similar devices?

Some important aspects of using Realtime Geolocation Technology:

Vertical accuracy- Normal buildings have floors, if a device is on first floor you wouldn’t want to confuse its location with another device which is on the third floor. Hence, there should be some demarcation.

Geo IoT  – Geo IoT (A new thing in Geolocation App Development) is anticipated to move well beyond simply the ability to determine proximity for commerce and various retail applications. In the longer run, presence detection and location determination will be a critical aspect of IoT privacy, security, and preference management for both consumers as well as industrial applications.

Hence Geolocation app development and geo IOT can do wonders for your business as it bridges the gap between present and the future that lies ahead. There is no scope for redundancy, which is why it’s the stepping stone of the revolutionary future. And this will go on for quite some time with advancements in this field only. Hence you should definitely give this a shot.

geolocation app development

How can Sodio Help?

Sodio has worked upon numerous apps where we had to use the geolocation technologies for building the product. Does your app needs help with geolocation or location tagging? Feel free to contact us and we will make sure that your app is powered with the best geolocation app development capabilities.

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