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Healthcare and Wellness App Development using HealthKit and Google Fit


Healthcare and wellness app development


The F-word has become the new rage in town. Everyone is using it, some just to look cool, some with a definite purpose. Whatever the usage may be, we all can safely admit that the F-word has become kind of a big deal around the world, irrespective of geographical bounds.

Yes, we’re talking about fitness.

Healthcare and wellness is something that has become increasingly important as years pass by. People want to keep themselves safe from numerous diseases that come as side effects of ignoring their health, and they also want to keep themselves looking good and young for years to come. Gyms and fitness hubs are full of fitness freaks that seemingly live on half a calorie a day, and swear by their protein shakes.

One thing you can expect to find on all their smartphones is a fitness app.


How can Healthcare and Wellness apps be helpful?

Yes, all the hard work to get your body in shape has to be done by you, but you may not realize that your smartphone can make the job of tracking your health a lot easier. Wellness and workout apps have flooded online app stores, and for good reason. These fitness trackers scan your vitals, your steps taken, and other bodily functions to help you analyze your workouts, and can also suggest specialized plans which are suitable for your body type. They enable you to create custom workout playlists, communicate with friends on your fitness and can also create personal fitness notes.

They also offer logging capabilities, so that you can track what workouts you’ve done, and what more to do. Day by day schedules and regimes may also be available, depending on the apps of your choice.


Healthcare and wellness app development

Why Using HealthKit and Google Fit to Develop Healthcare and Wellness Apps is a great idea?

As time passes, people are becoming more and more inclined towards using these fitness apps, and there is data to back this up. Health and fitness app usage have gone up by almost 330% in the last 3 years, according to sources. 75% of active fitness app users open their apps at least 2 times a week, and more than a quarter open them more than 10 times per week. These are some very promising numbers, which lead us to believe that fitness and healthcare apps are extremely helpful to keep track of our body and assist us in working out. The usage for various healthcare and wellness apps has also been found to correlate with seasonal workout habits, with peak usage coming in the holiday season. The signs for the future are good! Compelling enough for you to make a healthcare and fitness app, yet?

If you are looking to get in shape, and are confused where to start, many healthcare and wellness apps can provide you the beginning steps on your journey to achieving that shredded body and fit muscles. These apps are a great place to start out, and can further assist you once you get in the groove and become more serious about your health.

Now, the ultimate customization can only be provided in something developed by you yourself, isn’t it?

Some of our audience might have interests in fitness and healthcare, along with being well versed in development, especially app development. Don’t worry, even if you’re not aware of the technical part, we have you covered.

Deciding to Make a healthcare and wellness app possesses numerous advantages to using ones already available. As explained, they offer the highest degrees of customization, they can be a potential source of revenue, and can also help you gain invaluable knowledge and experience in both aspects of developing a healthcare and wellness app.


It’s not a cakewalk to make a healthcare and wellness app, though.

One must be well versed with the technical side of things and must know the ins and outs of the platform which you wish to work on. The time, budget and preferences need to be accordingly planned out, and some basic features that every healthcare and wellness app possesses must be taken care of. These include, but are not limited to-

  1. Measuring activity such as walking and running
  2. Scanning heart rate and other vitals
  3. Duration of exercise
  4. Workout regime

Users must have the option to either choose from suggested workouts based on their body type or input their own customized workout. Their favorite exercises and the duration for which they work out could be tracked, many different APIs can be put to use in accomplishing these tasks.

Diet and nutrition is a section that must be integrated perfectly when you make a healthcare and wellness app, thus aiding users in keeping a check on their food habits, calorie consumption and creating goals and lists to help them stick to their diet. After all, features have been kept in mind, the budget constraints and time issues need to be taken care of, but this is largely up to the developer.

Some say it might be easier to get your body in shape than to develop an app that helps you get in shape.


Healthcare and Wellness apps using Healthkit and Googlefit

Are you looking to make a healthcare and wellness app? Read on!

As far as the current market leaders are concerned, it comes as no surprise that the two largest mobile companies are leading the way. Both Google and Apple have come up with splendid ideas and platforms that track health data, medical details and all aspects of healthcare and wellness app development that one may need to worry about. Both Apple HealthKit and Google Fit have been immensely popular platforms which can help developers in healthcare and wellness app development. A lot of startups have been using GoogleFit and HealthKit to develop healthcare and wellness apps. Google focuses more on the fitness side of things, while Apple places more importance in medical data collection. Combine the two, and you could potentially have an industry-disrupting idea that could make your fitness app the most popular app ever.


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Using HealthKit and Google Fit to Develop Healthcare and Wellness Apps

Google Fit and Apple HealthKit are expected to help in Healthcare and wellness app development of platforms that provide all fitness details under one dashboard, without the hassle of switching between different apps and transferring data for users. Both platforms are somewhat representative of what their company thinks about information storage and processing, with some visible differences lying in the type of data being tracked by these apps. This has made many startups and companies using HealthKit and Google Fit to Develop Healthcare and Wellness Apps. Personal Trainer apps can use GoogleFit and HealthKit too in order to make their platform more comprehensive.


More reasons for using to make a healthcare and Wellness app using these platforms

Google Fit tracks fitness details such as steps traveled, calories burned, heart rate, exercise duration and other factors, whereas HealthKit focuses on garnering details about sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and can also aid in analyzing lab results and reports from other healthcare and wellness apps. Medications, sleep data and other general information is what is available for tracking in HealthKit. That’s what makes using HealthKit and Google Fit to Develop Healthcare and Wellness Apps.


Design Differences in GoogleFit and HealthKit.
In this part, we are going to discuss the similarities and more importantly, differences between the design of these two platforms. Let’s start this with GoogleFit.

GoogleFit – While you’re looking to explore healthcare and wellness app development using GoogleFit and Healthkit, it is of utmost importance to know the nitty gritty of the designs in both these platforms. When it comes to design, Googlefit is somewhat better than HealthKit as they provide a simplistic and user-friendly design in a way that makes tracking of almost every parameter seamless and realtime. Not only this, it makes possible for the users to even add logs related to workout sessions that they carried out and couldn’t register the session in the app due to some reason. The users, in general, like this app a lot, mostly because of the ease to document their physical activities in this app. The users are allowed to choose from a number of activities such as walking, running, biking among many others. Not only this, the app also allows the users to input the duration for each of these sessions and then calculates the calories burnt and whatnot. Even the design for viewing progress or checking out their performance has been made slick for the users. Building a healthcare or wellness app using Googlefit can be a great idea because of the fact that the design is amazing. And yes, great design is certainly a factor in determining the decision of creating an app.

HealthKit – If you compare the simplicity of design for this app as compared to the other native apps provided by Apple, it may fall short. However, the fact that it allows the users to access all the data in a single screen really gives it an upper hand. HealthKit has another interesting feature that shows the correlation between the different factors. As an example, the users can track the patterns between the types and amount of different foods and alcohol intake influence the sleep patterns. A dashboard is provided to the users which allows them to select what data they want to check out and on what intervals exactly.

There are a number of add-ons that come with HealthKit, which can track their body measurements, fitness stats, information about themselves and much more. The Sources section is where the users can see third-party apps along with devices which will be able to send data to health. All in all, HealthKit is a lot more diverse. So, these were the design and user experience you needed to consider before creating healthcare and wellness apps using GoogleFit and HealthKit.


Types of Data recorded in developing Healthcare and Wellness Apps using Healthkit and Googlefit .

GoogleFit – Heartbeat calculation has been perfected by GoogleFit to quite a large extent. However, passing medical data such as blood pressure or blood glucose between apps which makes it not so suitable for serious medical purposes.

Healthkit – However, when it comes to HealthKit, it is way more detailed as a lot of medical data can be collected and passed on to different apps. This medical data includes lab result data points along with glucose blood level, medication composition and information, nutritional data, sleeping patterns along with vitals. Medical ID can be used to upload information such as birthdate, height, weight, blood type and emergency contacts.


Privacy and Security are important in healthcare and wellness app development

As far as authorization and security are concerned, Google states that Google Fit must not be used as a medical device, therefore, it does not require additional security features that other mainstream medical apps may require. The general Google privacy policy applies to platforms made using Google Fit as well, as Fit needs a user to sign in with their Google account. These security issues must be considered when you decide to make a healthcare and wellness app.

HealthKit also has similar security features, integrating the fingerprint sensor security into its interface which can thus be used to secure any apps and platforms based on it. This can help in identification of the person. All of this has made it possible using HealthKit and GoogleFit to develop Healthcare and wellness apps.

Additionally, the platform that you develop to make a healthcare and wellness app, be it based on Fit or HealthKit, will obviously need to comply with your country’s health regulations and security rules for such platforms, and all the rules and laws that apply to your app must be looked after.

At this point in time, Google and Apple have taken so many steps towards easier healthcare and wellness app development, that all one needs to do is walk in their direction, and the job is done! This has made people start using HealthKit and Google Fit for Healthcare and Fitness App development.

That’s all you need to know about using HealthKit and Google Fit for healthcare and fitness app development.


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Trying to make a healthcare and wellness app, and need help with it?

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