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How to Become a successful Appreneur?




Remember last year when Pokemon Go was a rage? We all were playing the game that effectively incorporated VR into a gaming app, and created an addict out of everyone. The maker of this app was working on it for several years before he got it right. That’s an appreneur spirit!

We are way past the generation where getting a career meant being an engineer, doctor or a successful lawyer. Today, becoming a successful appreneur counts equally! Apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram have successfully paraded apprepreneurs who have earned millions from a single idea.

So, is it just an idea that models you into an appreneur? No! Certainly not! There’s more to the word than an app and an entrepreneur. Let’s carefully jot down the different areas that you need to work upon to become a successful appreneur generating millions.

The app industry is already maturing, and people are already minting millions. To make a mark in this industry, you ought to be different, and need to stand out in either the execution of your idea or, in your idea itself.


On your foot all the while

Ideas may or may not be original but, there’s always a point of difference in all the similar ideas that have been launched in the app market. Let’s all have a quick look at Snapchat and Whatsapp. Basically from the same family of chatting apps, what makes the two different? While snapchat allows you to chat using a photo, Whatsapp is more of a regular chatting app that took instant messaging to another level. They are both instant messaging apps targeting different age groups, and clearing out the gaps that existed in this industry.

Whatsapp was the first to enable sharing with ease while Snapchat was the first to come up with the concept of disappearing photos. It is not about what unique idea you come up with; it is all about how you represent your idea, and whether it is executed in time such that it is still relevant to the industry you are working in.

That’s precisely why as an appreneur you need to think on your foot and come out with the app as fast as you can.


Analyze to build relevant insights

The market is getting competitive and better with each passing day. There are notable changes in the market. You will need to analyze the market, understand how the app stores and the app marketplace works before you start with your app. It is important to dig into the huge data that is available for the competition, the apps that were successful, the app store guidelines and finally the mistakes that some of the apps have made to build insights for your own app. Having an idea requires a direction, which is offered in the form of the various insights.

It is always important to know what you should not do with your app, as well as what you should do before developing the app. Learn from the success and the failure of other apps to build your most successful mobile app formula.


Keep it as simple as you can

If you have called for Uber, you would know that this is the most user-friendly app in the world. The concept behind creating an Uber app is simplicity and uninterrupted view. That’s why when you are on the login screen, there’s nothing else to attract your attention. A single CTA on a single screen helps you convert better. When you are offering multiple tasks on a single screen, you are not just confusing the user but also making it difficult for them to use your app. Who said you cannot be simple and stylish? Uber has just shown how you can do it!


Define your app monetization strategy

It is when you determine your audience, and study them carefully that you know what monetization strategy is likely to work with this group. It is important to determine the most appropriate business model for your app right at the start so that you know the formula for building your successful app.

Subway Surfer a gaming app had gained a lot of recognition at one point in time. It attracted people with a free app that was built excellently and had the exact elements that would keep them glued to the screen. The app monetization model though was in-app purchases and videos. The user had to go for either of them if they wanted extra lives or some benefits to help them sail through the subway. That was intelligent, and the user never objected either. You need to study your audience to build a similar concept.

App marketing holds the key to getting your audience familiar and interested in the app. Make sure you have done enough research while building the app on how you want to market it so that you gain the relevant visibility right at the start.


SODIO’s Gyan

Building a successful app requires a good idea, good amount of research, simple execution, a good monetization, and a marketing strategy. You would be requiring the help of an expert to guide you through these process and have the right ingredients mixed in relevant quantities.

We at SODIO have helped more than 50 appreneurs with their product launch and the whole process has itself taught us a lot of unexplored difficulties. We make sure that while consulting other startups, we pass on this information to them.


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