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With the increase in the use of mobile phones and internet used on it, there is an increasing demand for apps. The Android and iOS phones have almost all types of apps available, most of which are free and easy to use. This has made an app for everything very common. So, now you can also learn how to make the famous Android and iOS apps which are very useful for your business! Here are few steps in which you can easily make your own iOS and Android app!




Android apps

Android is the most popular operating system that is being used today’s world in all the smartphones. It has a very friendly user-interface and has a lot of features. There are many helpful apps available on this operating system and so here is the step-to-step guide for making Android apps!

  • Install the Android Studio

This is one of the best platforms you can use to develop Android apps. Go to the http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html to install this platform.

  • After installing the software, create a new project and name it as desired. While saving this project, make sure that only the ‘Phone and Tablet’ dialog box is checked. After this, click on finish. Your new project is created.
  • Edit the welcome message as you want by dragging it.
  • Next, add buttons wherever you need them and message along with it.
  • After finishing with this, create another activity for each new page you want to create for your app.
  • You need to write a code for One-Click action for the button which is available online and very easy.
  • After you are done with this, click on the green button on the toolbar like that of a play button and test your app!
  • Your Android app is ready to be used!





iOS apps

After Android, iOS operating system is the most popularly used operating system in the Apple phones. Hence, after developing Android apps, it becomes necessary to develop the same for iOS. Do not worry because here is a guide on how to make appealing iOS apps in a simple and easy manner!

  • Install the Xcode

Like Android apps are best created in Android Studio, the iOS apps are created in Xcode developing environment. It is available for free and easy to use.

  • Download a vector graphics program

For having a good-looking app, you need to install a vector graphics program which will help you create vector graphics. Popular vector graphics programs are Xara Designer and Inkscape.

  • Get the knowledge of Objective C

You may write your own code by getting familiar with this programming language that is required for developing this app. If not, you can also outsource your program and the app development project. This will simplify your job if you are new to this field.

  • Create development account 

Once you are done with the development of the app, create a development account with the App Store and you are ready to launch your brand new app!

Follow these simple instructions and make your own app!  OR get in touch with a professional Mobile App development company.

We as a Mobile App Development company can help you create your first product and shape it according to the market standards.

Get in touch with us to turn your Mobile App idea into reality.

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