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How Insurance Apps can Solve Problems in the Insurance Industry?



Mobile is where the future is- this is true for most industries. Retail and Fintech have understood this, with a lot of companies in this sector opting for a mobile solution. Healthcare is incessantly giving out numerous mobile-based solutions, closing the gaps that exist in the industry. It’s time the insurance industry opted for a mobile-based solution that can solve the problems that exist, and end the gaps.

The end users and the companies within this industry face numerous issues. Technology can help address these problems.  The following are some of the problems the end users face when dealing with the insurance industry.

If you want to know more about the insurance company or the policy, you will need to meet the agent

The premium cost is higher than you were prepared for, causing additional expenses to your pockets

A longer waiting time during claims processing


From an insurance company or agent perspective

You are unable to process the applications in real-time

The claim process is complicated, calling for customer attrition

You don’t understand the user needs, which leads to a gap existing between you and the customer

From quote generation to giving out the actual policy, the time taken is a little more than customers expect from you


Opting for mobile apps to solve the issues of the insurance industry will increase convenience and efficiency. Let’s see how mobile solutions help.


Personalised content

When your user on-boards your insurance company, they want information that they seek. It is important to categorize the users based on their needs, and offer them the apt solutions based on these needs.

The mobile solutions help the agents in acknowledging the user’s needs and offer the pitch that is most relevant to them. How? Well most people are going to do their research on the mobile which means you should ideally make the most of this device. Give them the presentation that will help them in make the decision


Instant quotes

When the mobile user looks for insurance solutions, they tend to use their mobile devices to fetch the quotes. They would even compare the quotes from the different companies. If you don’t want the competitor to take away your quote, you should always give out instant quotes to match the needs. The mobile solutions help in understanding the needs, and give appropriate quotes.


Better training support

The agents need to be trained for giving qualified support to the prospect as well as the customer. The agent is normally on-the-go, which is why you need solutions that can be accessed when they are mobile. The training support offered via mobile apps is the best way to ensure your agent is up-to-date with the current trends in insurance, and knows how to offer best content to match the user’s needs.


Insight-driven sales

Sales is the most important part of your journey as the insurance agent. If you want to increase conversions and improve engagement for your business, you need to incorporate insight-driven sales. You will need to dig into the data available to the insurance agent, and make sure you can grab some insights that will help you offer viable solutions. The idea is to understand the customer better, and accordingly offer personalized solutions. The sales will go up with the insights that you get on the customer.


Simple and easy

The mobile solution simplifies the different processes involved in processing an insurance claim. This is beneficial to both, the agents as well as the users. A few minutes in the app, and you have applied for the insurance you need. Similarly, when processing the claims, it has gone down from a few minutes to a few clicks on the mobile screen. This is indeed a great way to work your way through the app. Whether you want to apply for a new insurance, know about insurance policies available or, simply process the claims, all you need is one good mobile solution.

With such amazing benefits, it is time your insurance company adopt mobility, and simplify the things for the end user as well as the agents.

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