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How to make a Lawyer Booking app?


lawyer booking app


As the number of mobile users is proliferating, the demand for different On-Demand services app is growing along with it. Today, most of us find it easier to complete an online task through an app rather than visiting a mobile/desktop website. Mobile apps are easy to use and enable us to complete various tasks swiftly. These apps keep a record of our activity and lets us access it with greater ease.

One of the On-Demand business Model which has a a need in the Market is the one that lets you to find a lawyer, book a legal professional and discuss all your legal requirements without wasting a lot of time. A lawyer booking app enables the users to easily find and book a lawyer ideally matching their requisites.


Lets You Book A Lawyer With Ease

With the ability to book a lawyer as its primary feature, a lawyer booking app lets you book a lawyer in multiple ways. The most prominent of these are “On Demand Booking” and “Future Booking” model.

The “On Demand” booking model lets you book the lawyers instantly as per your requirements. You can provide the information pertaining to your booking requirements like budget, time, type of legal proceeding for which lawyer is required etc.

The “Future Booking” model allows you to schedule your appointment with the lawyer in advance. You can set the date, time and other requisites for future booking of a lawyer.


The Need For A Lawyer Booking App

With technology advancing at an amazing pace, several gadgets and software solutions are springing up in its wake. Among all the technology based solutions are the lawyer booking apps, that helps you to overcome the hassles involved in finding and booking a lawyer.

In most parts of the world, one of the most difficult things to do is to find a suitable lawyer who can understand your case and help you with the desired solution. Over 60% people struggle to find an ideal lawyer as per their requirement. Moreover, there are so many lawyers that if you start meeting every lawyer personally to evaluate that whether they would be able to efficiently handle your case or not, then it takes a plethora of time. But, an app can make it much easier and faster. You can check the list of suitable lawyers, go through their profile and shortlist them on the basis of your requirements.

These apps feature a lot of lawyers and one can find a lawyer around them, which perfectly fit-in their budget and other requirements. Moreover, these apps let you find-out the professional details pertaining to a lawyer so that you can take an informed decision about whether to hire a particular lawyer or not.



Some of the top benefits of using a lawyer booking app include:

  • Ease In Booking A Lawyer
  • Search A Lawyer On The Basis Of Your Unique Requiremenents
  • Transparency In Terms Of Lucid Information About Every Advancement In Your Case
  • Easy Payments
  • Significant Reduction In The Cases Of Frauds
  • Access To Detailed Information Pertaining To A Lawyer
  • On Demand And Future Bookings


Different Modules You Should Look For In A Lawyer Booking App?

A lawyer booking app should not only be easy to use, but, feature rich as well. So, here are certain modules that such apps should facilitate:


Consultation Module

The consultation with a lawyer helps a person to determine that whether a lawyer is suitable to handle the case or not, and also allows one to gather some basic info about the legal proceedings. The consultation module of a booking app designed for lawyers enable the users to carry out initial discussions with a lawyer before finalizing him/her for the case.

Review Module

The “Review Module” is one of the most vital modules as it enables the users to review the lawyers and rate their services. These reviews can prove quite useful for the other people seeking a lawyer and trying to book one.


Search Best Lawyers Around You

This is one of the best modules that enables the users to find out a lawyer near them and consult them for the legal requirements that users have.


Specialization Based Filters

The specialization based filters let the users find out a lawyer ideally matching their inimitable requirements. For instance, users can set the filter for budget, type of lawyer required, type of case, experience of the lawyers and many other factors.


Why Sodio Technologies?

Sodio Technologies is a pioneer in app development space, and has developed an array of successful iOS and Android mobile apps. With a team of steadfast and seasoned app developers, Sodio technologies delivers bespoke apps ideally matching your unique requirements.


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