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Limo App Development: How to create an on-demand Limo App?


What are you reading this article about on-demand limousine app development on? Your laptop, tablet or maybe your smartphone. Chances are that you clicked on this article because someone recommended it to you or someone shared it with you. This sharing probably occurred through your handheld device as it is easy to click links there and get redirected to pages on your web viewer in seconds. What I am trying to suggest here is that everything is on your phone. In fact, what cannot be accessed on the phone is thought to be primitive and frowned upon. So, if you own a business, you need to get on the AppStore or the PlayStore. This article is more specifically about limousines and the limousine business so we’ll stick to that here. In this post, we shall discuss the whole process of limo app development.

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Limo App Development


Potential of on-demand limo app development.

Limo App DevelopmentNow, both the questions in the header of this part are connected. Why do you need a limousine business (if you don’t already have one)  and need to pursue on-demand limousine app development if you already have one? The standard of living of people is steadily on the rise with people shifting from lower middle class to upper middle class to upper class altogether. People are willing to spend more on luxuries and a limousine ride to and from your destination is indeed a luxury. Sitting back in a limo, having all that space to yourself especially for long trips or after tiring flights is what anyone might want.

One more reason that taking up on-demand limo app development might be a great idea is this: A limousine is a symbol of royalty, people prefer taking limo rides on their wedding day or to parties because it is regal and makes you feel more than a common man. And you and your business can make that true for people. Why would people prefer a limo, you might ask? People want the comfort of a spacious car where they can just spread their legs forward and travel peacefully. People also might want to travel in groups and limos make that comparatively easy. Hotshots going to business meetings might prefer hiring a limousine over a normal car, and better yet, they’ll prefer to do it using an on-demand limo app development product. Also, the fares aren’t that much and it is affordable.

So, a limo business does pretty well for itself. And as said earlier, any business needs an app and hence we need to get you an app for your limousine business. Your app will connect your clients with their drivers. It’ll track the cars and the trips. Another big reason for you to pursue on-demand limo app development is that it is easier for you to get feedback for the rides and reviews of your drivers to monitor the growth of your business.

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Choosing your business model for On-Demand Limousine Booking App

If you haven’t already started your business then you might be wondering what are the ways to make money off this limo service.

Two ways broadly are available to you if you choose to pursue on-demand limo app development:

  1. Leasing out the cans.
  2. Splitting the fares.

Both ways are profitable depending on the size of the organization and the customer base for which you are planning the on-demand limousine booking app development. For example, for a huge company like Uber, which functions in 35 countries, they have used the model B. The drivers are required to sign up with Uber and share a percentage of their earning with it. Comparatively smaller taxi services in the city go with model A, wherein they hire drivers and give them the cabs and or the drivers lease the cab from them at some price and are required to give some monthly money as well. You can draw up your contracts consulting finance experts, chalking out terms of the lease, gas allowances, damages, and the works. After a thorough analysis only decide which type of business model you want to adopt. This was the collection of all options that you will be facing when you choose to take up on-demand booking limo app development.

Limo App Development

What should be in the limousine booking app?

Let’s discuss what should be there in the app before going through the steps of on-demand limo app development. The app should support multiple languages as most of the developed countries now comprise of the natives and the immigrants, hence a number of languages. In fact, even the drivers in these countries speak different languages. Though these drivers may not be able to properly understand the instructions of their customers the app should be able to give them proper instructions in a language they will understand best, hence it is indeed crucial to have multiple languages.

It should have a good UI/UX which is attractive and delights the users. A good UI/UX must be the primary focus of your on-demand limousine booking app development. If I were to talk like a customer, an appealing UI makes me think the people behind this app are good at their job, hence their service might also be good. Both these things may or may not be related to each other but to a non-technical person, they are.

There are also two parts of the application that you need to remember while making an app for booking limousine. The client side and the driver side. The client side of the app should enable the customer to feed in pickup and drop locations while the driver should be able to get the nearest pickup in order to save both of them tie and money. The customers should also be able to rate the drivers and give their reviews. The driver should be able to track all their trips of the day to check the money earned. Clients can also track the ETA of the limo.

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Features of the Limo Booking App

Limo App Development

Any normal car booking service or taxi booking service has a number of features which would be applicable here as well in the case of on-demand limousine booking app. These basic features are a necessity of any taxi rental app so they are naturally to be included in a limo rental app. Some of the common features are-   

  • Instant Booking: When someone is running late you wouldn’t want to add to their lateness, hence instant booking is a must have an option for your app. Advance booking is not that difficult to coordinate but real-time booking will definitely give you an edge over others. Since booking a limousine with an app is something that will be planned well in advanced, the instant booking may not be mandatory for you.
  • Security: Next up is security which is again an important feature. Your app should have a separate opening to give the details of the driver which can be shared beforehand. Also, you need to give assurance for the quality of your drivers. Like almost every other app out there, security is very important for the success of an on-demand limo app development project.
  • Payment: Different people prefer different modes of payment and hence it is important that you give e-wallets, debits cards, cash as your delivery options. In order to make the most of your efforts in on-demand limo app development, make sure that the payment integrations are totally seamless in nature.
  • Push Notifications: The app should provide push notifications informing if the ride has come, giving ETA details and transportations fare notifications. Also, notifying about any upcoming offers you might have.
  • Real-time fare estimate: A very cool feature when the fares come out to be exactly as estimated and give the customers an idea about how much cash to carry. You don’t want your drivers to be left unpaid, now, do you?
  • Track your limo: You should be able to track your limo from the point it starts to where you are also the ETA of your destinations.
  • Pickup and Drop locations: These should be customer friendly options with both options available to adjust pin for best location or enter locations manually.

Besides these points, a limo can provide other services as well. For example, your app could have an option for booking drinks and food within the limo. Your booking movie or TV options along with the ride as a limo is all about the luxury. Or probably scheduling trips in advance, an option not available in taxi apps like Uber.


What other things should your business include?

When it comes to a project like on-demand limousine booking app development, it is important for you to understand that it’s about more than the mobile app alone. While having an app is important it is crucial to have a website with an amazing and actionable landing page in place. This website is mainly for your business growth. You can list out your details and contact options and redirect you to the app through buttons when required at the landing page of your website itself.

You will also need people to give support and assistance. There can be many problems in the logistics when it comes to the app business. There could be issues with the payment gateways or ride cancellations and you want happy customers so you need to be able to handle these aspects of the trip as well. Hence you need backend assistance using chatbots or actual people so that customers feel the can trust you and your service.

There obviously also has to be a backend coordination with the proper database being maintained. And it should be compatible with most of the new smartphones.

Limo App Development

How Sodio can help?

At Sodio, we are always focused on building the best products that delight customers, and hence make our clients happy. From the design to the development stage with cutting-edge tech stack to adding the magic quotient in your app, we do it all for you. If you are looking to create a marketplace for limos in your city or state, or already have a business that needs a mobile to drive revenue and sales higher, get in touch with us and we’ll make sure you get the on-demand limo app development that rules the app stores.

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