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Building a Live Streaming App: Sodio’s Process


Live streaming app


Facebook Live, Periscope, Live.ly etc. are excellent examples of a live streaming app. It carries with it the perspective the creator wants to show about the video they have created. A periscope has been used extensively to showcase culture, to embrace new places or, just to see some new creation.

While the live streaming app development is being focused upon, it is not going to be a hit instantly with the public, and you will need to take significant steps to build the live streaming app and boost your business.

The live streaming app development consists of two types of app: video streaming apps and live broadcasting apps. If you are playing a pre-loaded video, you have created a video streaming app while the app designed to allow users to create content and go live with it are known as live broadcasting app.

With live streaming android app development, you can easily reach out to more people and access easy content. For brands, it is a specifically interesting creation as it allows them to create targeted content that will help them reach out to a bigger audience.

Sodio has specifically defined a process for creating live streaming app development. Let’s have a look at the process.


Define the features

We start with defining the requirements or features for the live streaming app. This will help us realize the appropriate live streaming app solution for your needs. We have listed out a few features that are important for any live streaming app

  • It should include play/pause features
  • It should support all the possible audio formats
  • The user should be able to add different video streams to the app
  • Integration with Admob and iAds should be made possible
  • Google integration with event calendar
  • Integrate with major photo galleries online

These features are basic, and we further customize the other features based on the requirements stated by the business. We study the requirements of the business, and accordingly define this feature list.

Before we plunge into full product development, we offer to create the MVP of a live streaming app, so that they can test the product with basic features and then extend it.



Live streaming app

Choosing the platform

After defining the features, we go with choosing the platform that best suits the app development. We opt for either iPhone, Android or hybrid platform depending on the features, requirements and other details stated by the business.


Profile definition

The live streaming app development includes defining the profile for which we are creating the app solution. You will allow user registration and the creation of user profiles for the app.


Integrate online video streaming

The created API’s are then integrated into your app for smooth streaming. You will need to choose from multiple streaming solutions, and integrate the one that best fits your needs


Server integration

The server should have the ability to convert the video into a streaming video, which is why choosing the server and integrating it requires a clear and defined plan. We define the server requirements and even the integration needs.


Design & Development

We design the app solution to meet your unique needs. We create an intuitive interface that translates into unique experience and use the agile methodology for quicker and easier development.


App testing

We formulate testing standards to make it easy and smooth just to ensure that the app is tested for all frameworks and standards before it is released.

We have a thorough and well-defined process which will help in defining, designing and developing the live streaming app solution for your business. Connect with us to convert your unique ideas into capable solutions.


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