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How to make an App for iPhone X?


make an app for iphone x


With the launch of iPhone X, the users got a completely revolutionized Apple device but, the developers got many new challenges for app development. Some of the factors which distinguish the iPhone X from all its predecessors include:

  • The screen is no longer rectangular in shape, instead, it now possesses the rounded corners
  • The home button is not anymore a physical button, it has been replaced by an on-screen indicator
  • There are many new features in iOS 11 and a lot of focus has been given on the Augmented Reality
  • The face recognition technology has now been integrated on the phone
  • The status bar has been split to either side of the cutout area of the screen which houses the earpiece, front camera and other sensors.

Though these changes seem to be quite big from the app development perspective but Apple has also launched a myriad of tools and guidelines that enable the app developers to facilitate an excellent user experience through the pioneering apps.


How To Make An App For iPhone X?

The all-screen design and elimination of the home button are among the top new features of iPhone X, but, this change has presented many challenges to the iOS app developers. The new screen proportions and the entirely different screen shape can make the existing apps look little weird on the new device.


make an app for iphone x

The Problem Areas For App Developers on iPhone X

  1. Enlarged and Seamless Screen

The navigation bar is significantly taller on iPhone X and thus, developing apps for the iPhone X will require a lot of extra work.

If you are developing a new app for Apple iPhone X, you would have to take into account the new dimensions and the screen shape of the phone, so that an app with the apt layout can be developed.

If you are updating an old app for the iPhone X, exercise your entire application in every orientation and every screen, in left, right and upside down mode. Ensure that there are no anomalies. You can use the XCode 9 as it has a simulator to help you assess your app from the iPhone X perspective.

  1. Safe Area Considerations

When you are trying to make an app for iPhone X, it’s vital to adhere to the Safe Area Layout guides. Introduced specifically for iOS 11, the “Safe Area” refers to the screen area of a view which has not been occluded by the ancestors such as tab bar or status bar. So, while developing the new app, check and update your app’s layouts to properly honor the safe area.

The safe area in the code can be accessed using the “Safe Area Layout Guides”, in the Interface Builder or using the layout margins.

For the existing iOS storyboards, turning on the safe area layout guides will result in automatic upgradation of constraints connected to the scene’s leading & trailing edges as well as top and bottom layout guides. Also, don’t forget to test and review your constraints after the safe area layout guides are enabled.

  1. Home, Corners and Edges

Any controls or contents which app developers used to place in the corners, needs to be changed if you are trying to make an app for iPhone X. Since iPhone X has the rounded edges, so if any content is placed in the corners, it will get clipped.

Also, if you are trying to place any controls or content, it may need an inset to help with the gestures.

  1. Graphics

The newly launched iPhone X leverages an @3x image scale factor and thus, the image assets for the apps designed for iPhone X must be provided as a PDF. But, if you have to use the rasterized, then include both @3X and @2X.

There is no change in the width of the display when compared with iPhone 7 or 6, but, it has become taller. So, the content or background images which we used to create for the earlier versions of the iPhone may not work well with iPhone X. Thus, these need to be tweaked as per the new dimensions.

Also, when you are trying to make an app for iPhone X, do not create a Letterboxing or a black box effect to contend with the things such as sensor housing. Simply, fill the screen with your content.

  1. Search Bars

The iOS 11 unifies the navigation bar with the search bar, and thus, if your app’s search bar is non-unified, it will look bad on an iPhone X. So, to make an app for iPhone X, it needs to be fixed.


make an app for iphone x


How To Launch iPhone X Apps On The Apple App Store?

The App Store for iOS 11 has been completely redesigned and now, it has become much easier for the customers to search for apps in a particular niche.

To launch the iPhone X apps on the Apple App store, you first need to prepare your app for submission so that it doesn’t face any issues in the submission. First of all, ensure that your app satisfies the “Human Interface and Store Guidelines”, and possesses the information required at the iTunes Connect. Then, verify your XCode project and submit your app to the Apple App store.


 How Sodio Technologies Can Help You?

Sodio Technologies is a leading mobile app development firm with a team of veteran developers well-versed with the technologies and methodologies required to make an app for iPhone X. With a steadfast team, we can develop a bespoke app for iPhone X ideally satisfying your inimitable requisites.


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