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Messaging App Trends to watch out for in 2017

Messaging apps have received a tremendous boost in 2016, which is also known as the year when communication was transformed completely. Google Allo introduced the intuitive messaging solution, which made communication expressive and emotive. There were quite a few apps that incorporated artificial intelligence and even went on to integrate virtual reality for better communication capabilities.

The messaging apps have come a long way, and in 2017 they are expected to transform for the better. You will observe a lot of Messaging App trends coming alive in 2017 which revolve around AI and chatbots.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the messaging app trends that are sure to go big in 2017.


World of chatbots



Chatbots will make the user smarter and intelligent with its useful functionality. You will see that the smartphone user will be able to perform most of the tasks with the chatbot, thus reducing the time taken to actually perform the tasks manually. With chatbots, most of the activities like communicating with the other apps in the device, booking tickets or, even banking functionality will become easy and automated. Basically, chatbots will be at your service 24/7, and you can perform the same tasks that you performed using messaging apps with chatbots now.


More intelligence with AI


messaging app trends


Let’s talk about artificial intelligence by using Google Allo as an example. If you look at the basics, it is an instant messaging app. The only difference being it is cloud enabled, which makes it smart. It reads through your chat, and then based on how you have talked develops certain pre-defined responses that can be used every time you want to send a reply but, are not able to type them. This smart reply will improve based on the deep learning of your messaging style, and the need of the hour. Allo has thoroughly understood how deep learning works and can assist you through chats.

With AI, collaborating through messaging apps with your friends and others will be easy.


eCommerce through messaging apps


messaging app trends


Remember the WeChat craze that took the world by the storm? That was when messaging apps actually gained momentum. WeChat had allowed e-commerce and payments, which made transactions easy for the user. This was specific to China markets.

Through messaging apps, you can create bot-based shopping capabilities for the user, thus assisting them in shopping. You can even create bot apps for your business, and enhance your means as a retailer. Chatbots are full of opportunities for the retailer with increased sales possibilities and easy transactions.


Redefining customer service

The first rule of branding is to ensure you have delivered effective customer service that can help you build your brand. It is not possible for your customer service executives to keep tab of every conversation, which is why you need bots. This will help you keep up with customer demands 24/7, and you can even reply to them with speed. Better human interaction is possible with the bots. A good customer service channel will make things easy for you and the end user. Sometimes, the quality can be questioned but, a quick reply in most cases saves your day.


Move on to voice-based apps


messaging app trends


Typing your messages is a thing of the past. You no longer need to go through the pain of typing, when you can speak to your apps. The next big trend for 2017 in messaging apps is the fact that more voice dictation apps will be found on your devices. This trend is in because a lot of people access the apps using wearable tech, which cannot be used for typing as the screens are real small, and accessibility becomes an issue.

With Siri and Ok Google, you could speak to the search engines. Now, with Allo, you can talk to the apps, command it to perform the action, and even make them type the message for you while you speak the message.

It is almost akin to talking to a friend, and interaction will be made easy with the voice based apps.


Monetization models for messaging apps

Like every other app, there will come a monetization model for the messaging app as well. You will see that the messaging apps will find ways to make money from businesses using them. This model will be slightly unique and will gain a major traction.

Businesses have started connecting with customers through chatbots, and this will increase with time.


Stories in real-time from messaging apps


messaging app trends


Stories was made popular by Snapchat, and now every other app is integrating it. This will become the new standard of communication in the coming times, with live videos in real-time becoming the point of communication for the people, and increasing traffic and traction majorly for businesses.

These few Messaging App trends will change the communication landscape in the digital world. You will see a major adoption of the messaging apps in this year, and consumer interaction will become real-time.

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