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Why does your Mobile App Needs an Update?



The mobile world is fast evolving. You are met with new features, functionality, and even advancement in technology regularly. This year we saw three emerging technologies, AI, VR and AR gaining importance in mobile app solutions. If your app does not have them, then you should probably think of incorporating them in some way or the other.

Uber is a classic example of an app that continuously updates itself to meet the new standards. Sometime back, even Uber managed to incorporate AI to improve the user experience. A regular Mobile app needs an update  to enhance user experience and keep up with the latest guidelines and trends.

No user prefers using an outdated app, which is why you need to work on closing the gaps that exist in the market with your app and get more people to your app.


What does an app update include?


Any update that the users desire

A visual overhaul for the app

Incorporates technologies that cater to enhancing the user experience

Closes the gap that the consumer feels, exists in the market

Improves overall app engagement by including features that the user has been looking out for

Makes the user smarter and capable with the app update

There are significant changes that can be brought in with the mobile app update. Let’s have a look at why your mobile app requires an update on a regular basis to improve engagement.



Makes you look active

It is when you regularly update your app that you grab the customer’s attention. The idea is to always stay at the top of their mind. The overhauls, however small they are, tend to make you appear active in the customer’s eye, and they would know you are working for their betterment. App update not just makes your brand customer friendly, but also increases engagement and conversion for your brand.

The other thing about continuous app update is that the user believes you are working on making the app better, and also taking their feedback into account. If you update your app regularly, you can be considered successful by your audience, which is why updating is essential.


Keeps your app up-to-date

As mentioned earlier, the mobile app evolves and so does the business. It is important for you to make sure you match footsteps with both. Individual pages won’t make sense to your business anymore, and it is important for you to remove such pages from your app. Similarly, there would be certain features that have become increasingly important for your business. If you have not included them in your app, you might be losing out on precious business.

The above-mentioned reason is why it is important to keep the app up-to-date. Remove everything that seems outdated, and include things that are relevant to your business.

For example, when designing the enterprise mobility, you cannot refrain from adding the Google calendar, which will help sync your schedule. Similarly, RSS feed to maintain your blog is also essential. You will need to check your app for broken links and outdated pages and make sure you work on them immediately. The Mobile App needs an update to remove all these issues.


Incorporate new technologies

People grow on your app if you are improving features to enhance their experience. Customers are not going to stay aboard if you miss out on their needs, which includes new technologies and features that make things more convenient.

For example, Uber has used AI for their price hike model. Based on what you are ready to pay, and the need, they tend to increase the price. Again, geography and other relevant demographic details are taken into account when your price is being hiked. Pricing is tweaked based on the results from machine learning incorporated into the app.

Simultaneously, to help the drivers with routes and smarter ways to reach faster, Uber has incorporated the major technologies.

Similarly, there are app solutions which are including VR to make things convenient for the consumer in the virtual world. For example, retail has included VR to allow users to experience store like shopping experience online.

If apps start staying abreast with the new technologies and begin to adopt them, it will increase the user base, and improve their conversion rates.


Rethink the mobile strategy

When you are always working on developing your mobile app, you would know the significance your mobile app holds in the lives of the people. Based on the impact suggested from the insights, you can delve deep into the mobile strategy, and align it with your evolved goals. The idea is to transform your strategy to meet your app needs.

You should continually update and upgrade your mobile apps, as it helps in improving customer engagement. The world is going mobile, and your users are likely to look for you on the mobile device.

Sodio technologies offer excellent mobile app solutions. We ensure constantly upgrade and continuous maintenance and support for the solutions we devise. Connect with us for your unique requirements.

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