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Important Principles of Modern UI Design



The total time that a user spends using apps is almost 90% of the time the user decides to spend using a mobile phone. When the user downloads a new app, they tend to evaluate the app within seconds, based on the look and feel. If your app does not manage to impress them, you might face an increase in app abandonment.

The apps that manage to engage your users are the ones that have incorporated the modern UI design principles to the perfection. You need to give out a design that manages to adhere to the user needs and grabs their attention. Do you know the principles of modern UI design? Here we will take you through some of the important ones, so that you benefit from them, and increase app conversions.


Maintain clarity

A simple design allows the users to move through the app intuitively. You know what will come next, and how to navigate from one screen to another. The clearer the app, the easier the functions are for the user. A crisp design is a result of a good structure and proper spacing. There are best practices involving menus and its nomenclature. If you have used the basic best practices, your user won’t need your help on-boarding the app. If you have subtly changed things, you can add tips to the screens to make the navigation easy.


modern ui design

Experiential design

The main aim is to improve the experience for your user. An app design focused on experience will help convert better. You need to make the app contextual as well as emotionally relevant to the users to improve the usage.

Make sure your design is a good mix of graphics, layout, and the interactive elements, If the user does not feel connected to the app, they might not relate to your app and abandon it immediately.


Maintain consistency

If the layout of one screen is different from that of the other, then you might find users leaving your app altogether. It is better if you stay consistent through the app, and make sure the app has a consistent layout, language, and design. Consistent designs help improve the user engagement for your mobile app, and chances of design related abandonment will grow less.


App Aesthetics

An app’s aesthetics involves choosing the right colour schemes, fonts and visual layouts. If you are going for the monochrome colour scheme, then you should choose the colour that best fits with your branding. Analogous colour schemes are also good-fit for your mobile apps. A good mix is when you choose somewhere between two and three colours for your web design.


modern ui design

Creative, not always!

You don’t need to be creative at all times. For example, there will be times when your user would prefer the same design and layout that other apps within the niche are using. At other occasions, your user craves for some creative interfaces. This is what you will need to study before you begin designing the mobile app. Your wireframe design should initially focus on getting the layout and navigation right. Once that is done, you can concentrate on adding a bit of creativity to the app.


Opt for Flat Design

A flat design will mostly help you communicate the CTAs and other clickable content better, and reinforce its importance to the user. Flat design works best for small screens; if you are employing a Modern UI design strategy for the mobile app, you might want to use a flat layout. Use solid colours instead of opting for gradients, thus communicating better with the visuals.


Scannable Content

When the user opens the app, they are bound to scan the content. Nobody is going to invest a lot of time into reading it. Make sure the content layout and representation offers easy scanning. This will save a lot of their time and will make them want to stay in your app for a longer time.

Apart from this, you need to use vectors instead of actual pictures to maintain the load speed and get your user aboard faster. If you have followed the Modern UI design principles carefully, you have better chances of converting your user.


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