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Process of Making an On-demand Baby Sitting App


on-demand baby sitting app


The Uber model has been truly successful. Who thought, even a few years back that you could call a cab at your beck? Stranded without a car? The on-demand cab service is at your disposal. Take your smartphone out of your pocket, pull out the app, and just call for the cab. The success of this on-demand app industry has made several services determined to offer on-the-spot help to the users. The on-demand food apps are definitely glorifying this model. This model has also been adopted in the laundry services, which has made it convenient for the people to take care of their laundry without really doing it themselves.

Recently, the online nannies app development got around to adopt this on-demand model. With growing numbers of nuclear families, it has become a must for a parent to look for a babysitting service that can look after their kid. It could be a day care center or, someone who stays with the baby 24/7. Whether you are a working parent or, you have planned a date night, you need someone to look after your kid.


Why on-demand baby sitting App ?

If you have been reading it this far, you would be asking why you need an on-demand app for babysitting. Can’t I just hire a nanny or, opt for the day care center? Well, you could if you are going to put your baby in care regularly. But, what if you wanted a sitter just for a night when you have to move out for some work? What if you wanted a night to yourself, and you want someone to look after the baby while you are out? There are many reasons why the modern nuclear family wants a babysitter, and some of the reasons require someone who they a call upon at the last moment.

Sometimes, your regular sitter may cancel out at the last moment, which is when you need someone to hop in immediately. The on-demand babysitting app will definitely be a hit at this time. You can pull out the app, look for babysitting services in your vicinity, and avail it immediately. A good background check is done for the nannies included in this list, such that you are given the best services at the end of the day.

The on-demand Uber for babysitting is a must in the modern times, as it will help the nuclear families with getting sitters on time, and within their vicinity.


The Process Involved

Just like any on-demand app, there are two people involved in this on-demand baby sitting app as well- the sitters and the parents. The app offers individual dashboards with custom features to make it easy for both parties to access the features that are essential for them.

The on-demand baby sitting app logic is the first thing you need to work upon. This is your starting point indeed. There is a custom app, using which the customers can access the various sitters listed on the app. The customer can even check for the sitters available in their vicinity and know their ratings from the app

The customer can book their sitters on the basis of ratings, their hourly charges and finally the reviews they have received from the families they have worked for

The customers should be able to share their feedback through the app

Now coming to the sitter’s app, which will include a dashboard stating their earnings, and send them the reports of their performance on a monthly basis

When they are available, they should turn their device to on and when they are not available, they should make the necessary change through the dashboard in the on-demand baby sitting app



For the sitter

The app will include a dashboard where they can show themselves available or not available

They will receive alerts and notifications of the new job

They can track their earnings

They can keep a record of their jobs


For the parent

Dashboard from where they can book their sitter

Check the ratings and charges

Finalize the booking and track the sitter

Payment through the different payment gateways integrated

Maintain record of past sitters


What is included in the on-demand baby sitting app?

The app will include the web services using which the sitter and the parent will communicate

The app will have a MongoDB for database management

The frontend interface for the dashboard and analytics

iOS, Android or both for the application


Summing it up

If you are looking to develop an on-demand babysitting app, then connect with us at Sodio technologies. We offer excellent app solutions to meet your niche needs.



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