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On-Demand Pharmacy and Medicine Delivery App Development.

on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery appIn today’s age of mobile-first tech products and the increasingly positive inclination of consumers towards on-demand apps, customers across the world want everything at their doorsteps. When you see people leaving their cars in the garage and not even caring to buy one because they know apps like Uber and Lyft are always there to pick them up and ordering food and groceries with Instacart, it doesn’t take a giant leap of imagination to come up with the idea of building an On-Demand pharmacy app.  As a matter of fact, a number of platforms which provide on-demand pharmacy delivery services have garnered great response from customers as well as investors. For instance, on-demand pharmacy delivery apps NowRx and Netmeds both raised $7 Million and $ 35 million recently. So, if you are planning to create an on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app of your own, that’s a huge validation right there for you!

In today’s world, everything is mobile and tablet-based. Most of the commodities are now just one click away. If you understood how willing the customers are for ordering literally everything online, you would want to take your business online. Come to think of it, almost every product of daily use such as clothes, electronics, groceries, and even fruits and vegetables are available online now, so why not medicines? If you have a pharmacy business or you want to start one, then you might as well take it online because that is where the business in today’s world thrives. Let’s see why making an on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app is a great business idea. Also, have a look at our in-depth and comprehensive guide on On-Demand App Development.

Why Creating an On-Demand Pharmacy and Prescription Delivery Services App is a Great Idea?

For a customer who has a regular dosage of medicines prescribed and has to stock them for the whole month, it is convenient to just use their mobile phone and have a predefined template of order that they have set themselves, they can get it done within 2-3 steps. If they contact a local pharmacy then they will have to repeat the same order every time they order. If they go themselves to the pharmacy it can also be possible that the pharmacy does not have those medicines at that point and you know the drill that follows next. Surely, your on-demand pharmacy app development project can be very useful for the users.

On-demand pharmacy app development

An online app can save your preferences and let you know about the stock availability of medicines beforehand. It can save your prescriptions and also help you track your dosages. Now that we have explained to you the basic things about making an on-demand pharmacy delivery app, let’s have a look at the features that must be there in the on-demand pharmacy apps.

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Features for On-demand Pharmacy and Prescription Delivery Services App.

on-demand pharmacy delivery app

1. Customer Panel

Seamless login options: The on-boarding experience must be totally seamless. Make sure that the users can simply login via their Google or Social Media accounts, this gives them a personalized experience.

Search: A search option is a must in such an app as people would want to find their specific medicines as prescribed by the doctor. There must be a bunch of filters that the users should be able to use such as Proximity to their place, By Ratings that users have given them and many others.

Substitutes: If a particular medicine is not available then it should provide substitutes for the medicine. For this, the team has to be very careful as there are proper regulations that must be followed.

Drug info: The app should also list the drug info and content of the medicines as the customer should know what they are buying is correct or not. Not only will it help the users to avoid any confusion while buying the medicines, but it will also help you to create the mood that an on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app needs.

Upload Prescription: An option to upload prescription that converts it into a digitized form to be directly read by the pharmacist will save a lot of time rather than having the customer fill out the names of all the medicines and their quantity one by one. A lot of apps have been using this feature, especially in the Fintech space.

Renew Prescription: If there are any updates to be made in a customer’s prescriptions or any new medicines need to be added or deleted, then you can upload the new prescription. If there’s no such updates in the prescription, then the customers must be able to directly use the previous one. This will help you improve the customer experience with using the on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app that you have created.

Order Tracking: Medicines are important and any delay in their delivery will cause problems for the customers. Hence the app must have an option to track delivery. Like all the other apps today, this is important for on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app too.

Medicine Reminder: Reminders can be added too, which will prompt the user as and when they need to take any given medicines. This way, you are even more involved with the customers, which helps in building a great base for your on-demand pharmacy app.

Payments and Offers: As mentioned above having multiple payments options such as e-wallets, net banking, credit cards and cash are not available in a physical store always. Also, promo codes and offers will attract more customers to your app. Seamless payments and check-out is a must for any on-demand app that could ever be there on the face of earth, and not just an on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app.

Personalized experience: Your user profile will have your contact number, your doctor’s name, your uploaded prescriptions and a track of all your dosages. As we all know, personalization is one of the factors that play an important role in the success of mobile apps. So, whenever a user opens your on-demand pharmacy app, he/she must be able to see details of their own, the store they order frequently from and the doctors they go to. Not only this, while you set out to create your own on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app, you can explore many other options that users might like in a MedTech app.

Help and Support: The customers must never feel strangled on your platform. First of all, proper arrangements must be made in order to answer questions that the customers might have. And for customers who are still not helped well enough, there must be a support team that can be available on-call or for a live chat with the customer.

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2. Admin Panel

Control Centre: If you are looking to make your own on-demand pharmacy delivery app, you need to get a web-based admin panel that lets you manage all aspects of the business. This segment will be sort of the engine for driving your business.

Manage Inventory: Manage your inventory, get alerts for low inventory, develop statistics for most used and least used medicines. Have the inventory management system send you push notifications when stocks run out.

Manage Pharmacists: Build your network of pharmacists to review order and send in the required medicines to the customers. The admin panel should help you to manage each and every aspects about the pharmacists that are in your network.

Order Statuses: Get information about new and pending orders in one place and manage your orders. Track the delivery status and payment receipts of the orders. This will allow you save money from the back-office work.

Offers: Develop new offers by analysing the user statistics and keep publishing them on the app. By using the data gathered properly, you can leverage the insights to create offers that are truly engaging and get maximum participation.

Customer Database: Keep the complete database of customers at one place and manage the customers by keeping their key information such as address and contact numbers.

Content: Manage content for T&C and FAQs and keep updating them according to what the users want.

Reporting and Analytics: Get useful analytics about the business on the basis of the data you collected and the database.

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3. Pharmacist Panel

Easy-to-use interface: The pharmacists are vital to your business and it is important that they get the hang of how to use your on-demand pharmacy app for fulfilling orders. Hence, the interface for pharmacist’s panel must be easy-to-use and user-friendly.

Order Notifications: Any new customers and the pharmacists should be notified instantly about that order as no customer likes to wait. Push notifications through the app as well as emails will be in place to notify the pharmacist.

Digitize Prescription: The pharmacists should get the digitized version of the prescription in order to clearly understand what the user wants. This saves time on the users’ end and the pharmacists to find it easy that way.

Provide Support: There should be an option to chat with the customers in case there is any doubt about their prescriptions. This is an instrumental part of any on-demand pharmacy and delivery services app.

On-demand pharmacy app development

4. Optional Features For on-demand pharmacy and prescription delivery app.

Health Tips: You can enhance your app with segments such as ‘Health Tip of the Day’ or health facts.

In-app consultation: Allow patients to chat directly with health experts through the app. This will help you to garner more users including people who are too busy to go see a doctor.

Find pharmacies near me: Enable customers to find their nearest pharmacies in case of an emergency.

Multi-Lingual Support: Make your app accessible to a broader range of people by making your app multi-lingual.

Lab Test and Diagnostics: Add a feature to allow booking of appointments for lab tests such as blood tests or general tests. This can be a great source of revenue for your app, and a collaboration with such test facilities can even help you get more users on-board.

Sodio for On-Demand Pharmacy and Prescription Delivery App Development

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