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On-Demand Power Bank Sharing

Power Bank Sharing

It can be said without a doubt that we all are currently living in the digital world. And in this digital world, using smartphones and other electronic devices is not an option. This means that there will often be situations where one would run out of battery. What would you do if that happened with you?

If you are like most people, you would want to have easy access to a power bank. Sadly, using and maintaining power banks comes with its own challenges and hassle. This is where the services of an on-demand power bank sharing platform come in.

An On-demand power bank rental platform should allow users to charge their phones and other devices quickly without any hassle whenever they want. To use the services of the power bank platform, all that a user needs to do is rent the product, charge on the go, and return the product anywhere when done charging.

Power Bank Sharing

The Business Model

An individual can purchase power banks and charging stations. The charging stations can be located in hospitals, airports, or metro stations. Before getting the power bank, the user will have to sign a deal at the charging station.

A user can look for nearby charging stations. Once he or she finds a station, then one can opt to purchase a power bank subscription service. The booking will start as soon as the power bank is taken out of the station.
Once the user is done with the power bank, then he or she can return it to any charging station. After the power bank is placed inside the charging station, the booking will end. The total charge will be rounded up, and the customer will have to pay for it.

How Does On-Demand Model for Power Bank Sharing Works?

Are you facing the ‘power dead’ problem far too often? Do you want to watch your favorite video but you can’t because your device ran out of power? Were you in the middle of an important business call when the battery of your phone died? Are there no plug points near you?

These are some of the questions that you must consistently ponder over if you have arrived at the idea of developing a power bank rental business plan. However, this plan is not easy to employ. There are many features that the platform must have. We will discuss some of those features in the next section. But for now, we will now focus on how this model would work.

Power Bank SharingPractically, a shared power bank platform should be beneficial for both the business that installs the charging station and the customers. For businesses, installing the charging stations is a great way of bringing in more customers. Customers, on the other hand, will always have an outlet to solve their charging issues. Customers can return the power banks to any station.

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The Features

An on-demand power bank rental platform comes with a number of important features. Some of those features are mentioned below.

Location Services to Identify Nearby Stations

This feature will allow users to find out the nearest charging stations near them. To use this feature, all that an individual has to do is to simply turn on the GPS, and the application will show the location of the nearest charging stations.

Subscription Model for Taking Power Banks Home with You

There should also be a subscription model that would allow users to rent and return the power banks according to their requirements. One can select the subscription option that suits him or her the best.

The Wallet

The wallet would allow users to store their money and use that to opt for power bank subscription services. One can add money to the wallet or link the wallet to his or her existing bank accounts.

Return Options

After opting for the subscription, users can return the power banks either to the same charging station from where they got the power bank or to a different charging station near them. This flexible return option makes it easier for users to opt for power bank sharing services.

24×7 Availability

All charging stations are active 24×7. This means that one can opt for power bank sharing services any time he or she needs it.

Power Bank Sharing

Experience of creating On-demand Power Bank Rental Platform.

While creating Jiffy charge, we aimed to provide our customers with exceptional value services. By using this platform, users will never have to worry about charging. You can always be on the go and not worry about your devices dying out.

We understand that we all live in a fast-paced technical world. This means staying constantly connected is a necessary part of life. And now, with Jiffy Charge our customers can always stay connected!

Looking to create one for yourself?

If you are looking to create a platform for power bank sharing or one in the on-demand model, feel free to get in touch with us. With our pool of experienced developers, you have access to the best minds for creating your platform.

Have some great ideas and am looking to implement it? Sodio is the team you need! Feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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