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On-Demand water delivery App Development



Millenials are busy! So busy that they want the process of catching a breath to be automated, running back and forth, from home to work and work to home. Amid all this, they are looking to have uber for everything. Be it food delivery, or even laundry services, they are looking for convenience, which means doorstep delivery of everything.

So, if you have opted to start up, or already provide an on-demand water delivery system, Congrats!


Why On Demand water delivery business is a great idea?

Just like other things, people need water too, at their doorstep, without any hassle. Having a water delivery service also ensures a steady supply of fresh drinking water to their homes and offices without bearing the pain and costs related to installation of filtration systems.

Another way to realize the potential of this business would be looking at how major players in the USA, like Costco and Nestle, have already started off with on-demand water delivery business and received a great response. It also has an eco-friendly side, as it leads to fewer plastic containers being used in homes and offices since the water is delivered in big 3- and 5-gallon jugs. On top of all this, expenditure on drinking water is also reduced. Keeping all of this in mind, it will be safe to say that this market is good to go with.


Is it really that easy?

But being successful would not be a cakewalk, you actually need to “make this world a better place” for your customers. You will need to streamline your process, increase the efficiency of your company by simplifying the document flow and increasing number of processed orders at a given time. The margin of error has shrunk to almost nil here. You would need to update your customers with real-time information related to their orders. You will also need to have a robust connection between the delivery boys and your back-office. All this, and a myriad of other factors will determine your success in this business. But no worries, having a mobile app for your on-demand water delivery business will ensure your success. But no worries, having a mobile app for your on-demand water delivery business will ensure your success.



What should an On-Demand Water Delivery mobile app include?

Streamline the flow of information

To begin with, a mobile app will streamline the flow of information, which used to be through inefficient piles of papers and hence delivering the orders sooner than ever. Automated notifications will be helpful for the customers as well as your own back-office because of continuous updates.


GPS Tracking

The ability of mobile apps to use GPS in the smartphones of your customers and delivery boy will help you track the location and keep everyone informed about the order.


Getting bulk orders from Corporates and Factories

Having a water delivery mobile app would also help your business in connecting and getting bulk orders from the corporates and factories. It would be easier to track the orders and knowing about any special requirement requested in real time.


Simplified Payments

The users will have a number of modes to make the payment. They can use mobile wallets linked with the app, and even their bank cards easily. This will ensure a connection between the cash registers and users.


Handle the subscriptions

With an app, it would be easier to offer different subscriptions to the customers according to their needs. Various options like On-Demand and subscription-based will be then available for the users.


How will the app be created? The Process

Now that we have somewhat agreed upon the importance of mobile app for this business, it should be clear that water delivery mobile app development from scratch is an arduous task. UI and UX alone, are enough to turn app development into a nightmare for your business. The iterative nature of app development makes it even more complex. A constructive collaboration between the design and development teams is also a must for getting the perfect water delivery mobile app.

Agile methodology is applied in most of the projects, where the whole project is divided into a number of smaller milestones and the app is built in a series of smaller cycles. Once the team is done with the design phase and a successful Design-to-development handoff has been ensured, the development team begins implementing the styles and functionality of your app.

The team then secretly distributes the in-development version of the app to testers, clients, and other developers to keep everyone up to speed on progress. This is followed by the testing phase in which the app is used by people from non-developing background use it in order to ensure a more genuine testing experience. Various tests like User Acceptance Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing and many others are performed at different levels for the different cycles. The beta-level testing and refinement along with the deployment has its own level of complexity.

You need someone who can understand the intricacies of all the steps, in and out.

That’s where Sodio Technologies come in!



Why should you choose Sodio Technologies?

Having delivered numerous such projects with great client satisfaction, Sodio should definitely be your choice as the developer for your mobile app. Sodio combines digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver disruptive digital solutions on a worldwide scale. Our core competencies lie in Mobile app development with proficiency in using reliable tech stack. We use Kotlin and SWIFT 4 for Android and iOS respectively. Sodio technologies stands tall for deploying more than 350 mobile apps(Android and iOS) which are currently being used by almost 300,000 users across the world. The portfolio of Sodio technology, too, as we have delivered mobile app development services to world-renowned companies and startups, speaks for itself. Once Sodio Technologies starts working with you, you can rest assured, that you will get an amazing water delivery mobile app.

Feel free to connect with us in order to know more about On-Demand water delivery mobile app development and how we can help your business get one!

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