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Points to consider before developing an iOS App


Developing an iOS App


There are almost 1.5 Mn iOS apps in the store at this very moment. When a business decides to develop a mobile app, iOS happens to be the first choice. It is not just popular amongst the audience but also helps in improving the business revenue.

At a time when your audience spends around 90% of their time browsing an app, it is important for you to own a visibility in mobile apps. When you are developing an iOS App, you simply cannot compromise on the quality, as the iOS app store is pretty stringent about it.

There are several things that you might want to consider when planning to make your own iOS app. Here we will take you through the different points that you need to consider before you start developing an iOS app.


Why iOS

This is the first thing that you need to go through in deep before you start Developing an iOS App. Why are you choosing this operating system for your mobile app?

One of the main reasons to choose iOS would be the reach that you get with this platform. The security with iOS is higher as compared to the other OS. Third, the development and tools available for iOS are high-end, making your overall development smooth.

The approval time in Apple stores takes a tad bit longer than even the Google PlayStore, for which you need to be prepared beforehand.


Developing an iOS App

Validate your idea for iOS

You need to validate your idea for the iOS users. Has something similar been released for the iOS framework? Do you believe it is for the iOS users? It is more important to justify the idea for the platform then to release an idea just like that. You will need to mull over the platform, the audience for the platform, and think from the audience perspective.

When you are at it, try to figure out if the new idea will be accepted by the target audience. For example, if the audience is unwilling towards this idea, then you might want to change your idea or tweak it to match the audiences’ needs.

Third, you need to figure out if the idea does really solve an issue at hand. If it is not going to solve any problem, the adoption rate might be very low.

Are people looking for this idea? That is something completely different. When you are at the idea stage, you might want to know whether or not people in the iOS reach are looking for something similar. If you believe, from the insights gathered, people are willing to invest in your idea, you can go ahead with it.


What is your app mission statement?

Before starting out with the development, you might want to go with the mission statement for your mobile app. What exactly do you want your app to do? Should it be a simple list app or, do you want it to be a smart list app? The app mission statement is a complete understanding of what you are making your app do. The features your app will have, and what your users can accomplish from the app will be made clear at this stage.


Define your target audience

Who is the target audience you are designing this app for? Once you have validated the idea and defined the mission statement, it is time to define the target audience for your app. The demographics of the target audience will help you know the audience better. For example, what age group are you targeting, and what location and overall demographics do you want to develop the app for. This will help you define the app better.

When you have an idea of what you are selling, and who you are selling to, you would know what graphics to add and what aesthetics to define for the audience.


Developing an iOS App

Competition analysis for the idea

It is always good to analyze the competition for your idea. You will need to understand why the competition is succeeding, and where the failure happens for them. This will give you an idea of what your audience is looking for in the competitor’s app that you can offer them with. A good competition analysis always helps create value for the audience, as it gives you a perfect gap analysis. This will also help answer the question on how to make an iOS app for your business.


Prepare the feature set

What features you plan to include in the app? This is the step where you will need to consider the features that you want to add to the app, and all the features that you feel should not be a part of developing an iOS App. The features should be aligned to the mission statement. They should all be part of what you are planning to achieve from the app. Detailing out all the features will help you give your app a better.

You should also research on the technology you might want to include in the app as part of the preparation of the feature sets.

Finally, design the mockups for your mobile app, and ensure you have a beta test conducted to understand if the user feels comfortable using the app.

Sodio, an iOS apps development company, has designed a process that helps in developing an iOS app that will help unleash the hidden potential of your app. We build on your ideas to create a discoverable app.

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