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Reasons why REACT is the future of App Development



The future of mobile app development is indeed hybrid app development, and there’s a reason why. Businesses have an idea and are looking to launch their ideas immediately. They want to be in the market as soon as possible, which is why they are looking at ways to reduce the turnaround time while keeping up with the quality needs.

Frameworks have been developed to make hybrid app development easy and user-friendly. REACT native the native version of React JS has been used effectively by developers at Facebook and Instagram. There are quite a few benefits associated with react framework, and it certainly is going to redefine app development.


You can develop for both iOS and Android

When Facebook started with React Native for its app, the framework was meant for iOS platforms alone. It was only later that they opened up the gates of this framework for Android. The library for React Native allows you to build an excellent UI that caters to apt user experience for both Android and iOS.

Currently, Facebook has made React Native an open source framework so that the developer’s community can work on it, and open up the framework for other platforms such as Windows and tvOS. The idea is to be able to develop mobile apps for different operating system.


Reusability for better development

What makes us say that REACT is the future of app development? It is the reusability of the components. You don’t have the Web view components anymore for hybrid apps with React native. The basic code for this framework can easily be reused in the native apps, and you can easily compile it to the native apps. In fact, there are components that are applicable in iOS and Android within this framework.

You can build apps with agility, add style and release them quickly with the reusability option available in this framework. The speed and functionality remains native like with this framework.


Use one code everytime

Earlier, you had to write separate codes for iOS and Android. That has definitely changed with React. You can even use the code you had created using some other framework such as Cordova or ionic, and add to the app’s code. There is a plugin available to help you with it. In short, you just need to code once and It will be used within React as well. This is one of the most important point which proves that REACT is the future of app development.


It makes your UI better

You need to work on creating a strong UI that will translate into the desired user experience. This JavaScript framework is totally focused on making your UI better than before. You can create responsive and highly native-looking UI with this framework. The fluid layouts are easy with this framework. For a better user experience, you need a smooth interface and fast loading of the apps, and this is possible with React native.


REACT is the future of app development


You need to integrate several third party plugins, which means you need a framework that is compatible with these plugins. React is just the framework for you.

With such amazing benefits, it’s no wonder that React native is the future of mobile app development. SODIO is adept with this framework and can offer you excellent hybrid solutions for your business needs.


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