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Restaurant Management App – How to make one?



Whether you manage a small restaurant or own a chain with locations at multiple locations, you must be acquainted with the notion that managing a restaurant is an arduous job because of so many crucial aspects of the restaurant entangled (and ultimately dependent) with it.

From recruiting, training and making sure that the manpower operates at full efficiency to planning and coordinating the menus, and from handling the marketing activities to making sure you’re doing the best you can with your inventory management, everything needs to be on-point. Part of the reason for this lies in the fact the competition in this industry is too much for your managers and employees to be complacent.


Some numbers too crucial to be ignored!

88% of the customers feel that good service (Staff trained to be peppy and upbeat) is what important to them about a restaurant, and the importance of food quality can never be stressed more since that’s the reason why they will be coming over in the first place.

American Food and drinks sales of the restaurant industry crossing the $750 US Billion mark and American household spending as much as $2,787 on restaurant meals and takeout, you’d definitely want to be the “Favorites” of your customers. With so many restaurants for the customers to choose from, there is very little (or, ZERO) margin of error left for you.


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What else is important for a successful restaurant?

While doing your best to make your customers happy is detrimental to your business, the operations aspect cannot be ignored.  Failing at other fronts such as “MONITORING THE CASH FLOW”, “HAVING GREAT MANAGEMENT”, “MARKETING & ADVERTISING” and many others can lead your lovely business to be defunct and gone-for-good in no time. We know, it’s scary!

But, How can you make sure that you’re on top of everything? There’s no “How to run a restaurant successfully” guide or Course available to help you, is it?

But don’t you worry! We’ve got you covered.

And it’s not even as you’d think tedious as you think. Well, at least not for you. Since we take care of design and development of the app (Hint!). Yes, a restaurant management app. An app which allows you to take care of everything at your restaurant.

Restaurant Management App

What should be a restaurant management app be like?

The app is meant to help you attract fanfare to your restaurant by streamlining everything for you. It has to be reliable when it comes to processing orders and bills too, or you stand a chance of losing some bucks. It needs to have a robust architecture and responsive navigation to make sure you and your staff are able to be their best versions. Here’s a list of the must-have features for this app.

  1. Taking orders by eliminating waiters – Once you decide to make a restaurant management app for your business, one of the most important feature to incorporate would be a Table Ordering System.

This feature will make sure that your customers don’t have to wait for the server to show up with the menus, and they won’t have the awkward moment of staring at the waiters, so they can flag them down for a refill or something. With this feature, the customers can place their orders once they are ready and as many times as they’d like. The customer experience is improved drastically as the speed and productivity of service improve.

  1. Inventory Management – The importance of being on top of your inventory management could never be stressed more. Unless your business can efficiently manage the flow of foods and supplies, how is it supposed to make any significant profit?

Once you agree to make a restaurant management app for your business, making sure that it has a great feature for inventory management is of utmost importance. A streamlined inventory management system makes sure that you have a smooth and rugged food production process, thus minimizing losses (everyone hates ‘em!).

  1. Analytics – With loads of data being collected in the various systems of your restaurant, you wouldn’t be a prudent owner/manager if you’re not transforming the data into money. Just imagine how well you could improve your service and menu by just getting the relevant insights from your data. Other features such as table ordering systems will make the data collection better for you.
  2. Integrated Social Media Ability – From John F. Kennedy winning the presidency in 1960 with TV to Obama and Trump doing it with Facebook and Twitter, American marketers and campaigners have come a long way. To do well in the cut-throat competition among restaurants in our day, you need to have a foolproof Social Media strategy.

So, while you make the restaurant management app for your business, make sure that it has integrated a feature to let you monitor and run the Social Media campaigns for your restaurant.

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