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Points to consider while Scaling Tech Platforms


Scaling Tech platform


Growing your business is akin to having a garden full of plants. What works for one plant may or may not work for the others in your garden. Similarly, the strategy that worked for one business may not work for another.

However, businesses have their roots firmly grounded in technology. You simply cannot ignore the need to accelerate your business and give it the necessary boost in terms of customer base. Apart from good investor relations, a good marketing & business development strategy and financial backup, you need relevant technology investments to make your business efficient and help it progress towards growth.

A small business may have technology needs that differ from those of the big businesses. The technology solutions depend entirely on the scale of your business, and the goals you aim to achieve through technology.

If your business is growing, so should your technology. If you aren’t using avant-garde technology, probably you should start devising ways to introduce such top-notch technology that can bring a difference to your company.

Scaling tech platforms to grow the business has its own set of advantages

  • Increased business efficiency: With new technology combined with improved processes, you can streamline the business processes, and automate them. This will simplify the overall business, and eliminate redundancies if any, thus improving overall efficiency
  • Accelerate scalability: If you want to scale your business, scaling tech platforms help. It ensures quicker scaling and better growth for your business. You can gain insights in real-time, and work on the opportunities available to your business. Technology makes it easy for you to handle your processes and the team, and align it to your business goals
  • Get the desired edge: With technology helping you scale your business, you would be able to get the much desired competitive edge. The organization is agile, with a healthier balance sheet, getting you to a better position.

Overall, scaling the technology can advance business processes, and help streamline them. You can even expand your business and redefine your goals.

Before scaling your tech platform, here are a few things you might want to consider. This will help improve business opportunities and align technology with your needs.


Goal definition


Scaling Tech platform


The goals will change with the growing business. It is important for you to outline the goals that you aim to achieve through the technology advancements for your business.

This is the first point that you might want to consider. What is the next goal that you aim for? Write down complete descriptions, and have a one statement outline for the same.


Understand the scaling requirements

Scaling Tech platform


The next thing you possibly need to consider is taking an in-depth look into the scaling requirements for your business. Do you want to scale the technology but not increase the resources for your business? Are you planning to improve operations speed or you want to streamline the processes. The idea is to understand what your business truly needs at this hour, which will help you scale the technology accordingly.

For example, when your business is small, a website and a few processes are in place. But, when you grow, your operations and the departments grow along. The processes increase from just a few, which will need in-depth technology. So, now a website or simple technology will not help you.

Understanding your business and its requirements will help you scale better.


Infrastructure needs and limitations


The next in line is to study the infrastructure requirements and the limitations of scaling the infrastructure to meet your technology scaling needs.

When your business grows, it will amount to increased traffic, and there would be the need for increased uptime. You need to match up these needs with your infrastructure. You can go for either on-premise infrastructure or, opt for something virtual.

If your infrastructure cannot handle on-premise growth, you might want to opt for virtual technology.


New software and applications

New software and applications


When scaling your technology, you will need to introduce newer systems and software. This will help increase the efficiency of the employees and improve operations. At this point, you will need to look for app solutions that can improve your business processes. The idea is to eliminate the unnecessary processes and simplify the existing ones.


Connected world

While scaling your tech platforms, look for opportunities to build a more connected world. The idea is to make technology simple, and include the opportunity to handle your devices from anywhere. The connected world of devices, sensors, and software will help in remote accessibility, and increase the flexibility of the business. You will need to look for these opportunities for simplified processes and quicker scalability.

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