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Sodio Technologies’ CEO – Naveen Saraswat Shares Insights on Developing Indispensable Mobile Apps with GoodFirms.




Sodio is a leading mobile app development company based in Bangalore, India. The sole aim of the organization is to emulate as a technology powerhouse for its clients and deliver cutting-edge mobile app development, blockchain application, and IoT solutions. Naveen Sarsawat, CEO of Sodio Technologies actively looks after managing entire process including presale and post-sale project deployment.


In an exclusive interview with GoodFirms, Naveen talks about the critical parameters that define the time frame for developing mobile apps. He mentions that the firm involves it’s highly skilled and quick performing developers and designers who work on critical features and functionalities of the product development. The team divides the entire cycle into modules that helps in calculating the overall time frame. He also shaped the conversation by mentioning the R&D process and how it helps in completing MVP in 30 days and the full-fledge project generally within 90 days.


GoodFirms’ research on Sodio Technologies emphasizes that the company is keen to serve next-generation tech start-ups and entrepreneurs by developing and scaling mobile apps. Sodio has worked on 100+ projects which belong to multiple industries like healthcare, education, Fintech, tourism, and IoT. Naveen mentions a very crucial fact stating that Sodio does not charge for an initial consultation which includes architecture, wireframes, and roadmap of the project.


Naveen adds that the company believes in delivering research-oriented solutions for both MVPs and product fit market. Thus, they try to add further value even if they fail to acquire the prospect. Such allegiance towards their work has undeniably earned the company a position in the list of Best IoT companies and has made sure its early arrival on the list of Top App Development Companies in India at GoodFirms.


Naveen suggests considering the key dimensions like geographical location, technology, user base, and demand & budget constraints before choosing the right platform for launching mobile applications. Sodio undergoes with its due diligence process before suggesting Android or iOS platforms to the clients who approach the company with a predefined idea.


Read the complete interview of Naveen Saraswat at GoodFirms where he vividly describes the three significant KPIs of the in-house team and how it helps their business model. Do not forget to read about the payment structure of the company and how they evaluate the cost of your project right from the CEO himself!


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