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The Definitive Guide on How to Find a Technical Co-Founder.

find a ctoStarting a tech company or building a mobile app with leveraging cutting edge technology for your next big idea is never a cakewalk, especially when you don’t have a technology guy onboard. Not only this, investors too will take this factor into account when they evaluate investing in you. Sodio has been the development and design partner for a number of teams from across the world and has played the quintessential role of a technology co-founder for these companies.

While every team in our clientele we have ever worked with was more than content with Sodio, sadly, not everyone is able to find the right team as they succumb to the unprofessional “outsourcing” companies when they set out to find ways of how to find a technical co-founder or find a CTO. We, on the other hand, are not merely the company you outsource the development to, Our team makes sure that each and every little aspect of your product is on-point. Essentially, the technology co-founder to your big idea!

In this post, we are going to discuss the whole process of how to find a technical co-founder. The points we discussed here should be taken care of even when you decide to partner with a company. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with our guide to find a CTO.

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find a cto

Here are some misconceptions that you may have when it comes on how to find a technical co-founder

find a CTO1. “Why don’t I teach myself to code?”

While at first, you may think that it is easy, however, coding and especially product development is a craft which is mastered by years of perfection and practice. While you may take a course to understand the basics of what you are trying to build instead of going out figuring how to find a technical co-founder, the best applications and websites come only when the most talented and well-practiced minds work on it.

There is a reason why Facebook, Amazon and other enterprise level products work so well. It is because their technical team has been trained to do it and dedicated solely to the technology end. Unless you are a coding savant and willing to devote a lot of your time to coding and practice, it is best that you find yourself a technology partner.

2. “Why can I not hire a college kid who can build my site?”

One reason to bunk this right away: “lack of professionalism and experience”While this may be a very economical method to get your project to start off, college kids are not always that reliable as they have a lot of entrepreneurs after them, obviously because every other non-technical founder out there is wondering how to find a technical co-founder.

And if someone else with a better offer comes along then they have the liberty to leave you, just a matter of who is more eager to find a CTO for their startup. Also, they might entirely pursue something different of their own and they are not bound to you by anything.

find a cto

What should you do when you find someone suitable for your project and you set up a meeting with them? 

1. Prove your idea: When you set out to unravel the idea of how to find a technical co-founder, you need to prove to your potential technical co-founder why you believe so much in this idea. Basically, you have to sell your vision here. This is an incredibly important aspect of finding a technology partner or a CTO.

You should be clear about the market risks and profits. You need to sell your idea as much as you can so that the person in front of you believes that it will work. There should be zero to no question as to whether this is a great idea or not. This will be a great help for you when you set out to find a CTO or approach various technology savants.

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2. Prove yourself: You need to show what you bring to the table. Your potential technical co-founder needs to have faith in you as you are the one with the big idea. Don’t even think for one moment that you will not be successful because you don’t know how to code. Be the visionary in your startup, and make sure that you are always on the pursuit of finding how to find a technical co-founder. A successful start-up comprises of expertise in a lot of departments including technical aspects, finance, business strategies, marketing. So whatever your expertise is, make sure you’re great at it.

3. Network: It is important that you build a network and get involved in the community. This way you will know whom to consult when a particular idea pops in your mind. Building a great network can be very helpful when you need to figure out how to find a technical co-founder. You can sign up on online websites which match entrepreneurs to suitable tech founders. Take part in events like start-up weekends and discussions where you will get to meet different people and connect with them. Make sure that you are influential enough in your network that they can be helpful when you need to find a CTO.

Another popular misconception is that your technical cofounder will magically solve all your problems. Well, take this out of your head. Founding a startup is not that easy but once you take your first step things will definitely fall somewhat into place.

find a cto

How do you know when is the right time to recruit your technical co-founder?

If you aren’t technical or already haven’t found anyone to collaborate with you in your start-up, the right time is definitely now. Set out on your journey and figure out how to find a technical co-founder. However, in most other cases the right time is later. Often, finding the perfect co-founder seems an impossible job, it most surely is difficult.

1. Build an MVP: Maybe, you don’t need a technical co-founder as of now but you still need to test if this person is the right software developer for you. So, you get them to build a prototype or an MVP for you. You may not really require a top-notch software developer to build your prototype as it doesn’t include all the features. You may, however, get advice from an experienced developer in order to find out the costing of your project and get an idea.

This will save you from the actual cost of hiring a good developer. You, in fact, may altogether choose to launch this prototype itself in the market if it is satisfying your needs. Once you are done with launching your prototype, you will have gained a good amount of experience in dealing with engineers. And now if you want to expand your application, you can do it in a better and more organized way.

2. Build a personal relationship: You may offer a lot of money to the engineer but chances are if you are hiring them, then they are already good at what they are doing so they may be making enough money for themselves. It can often come down to what you are offering besides money. There is a good chance that the programmer would get to know you as a person and then choose if he wants to work with you.

Great partnerships, in fact, come from good friendships only. Take Jobs and Wozniak, Bill Gates and Paul Allen for instance. All this implies is that a certain level of camaraderie is a must. It may be difficult understanding an engineer’s tastes and traits at first but it is definitely worth the investment. So, when you go out looking for a technical co-founder or trying to find a CTO, make sure that you are able to build a rapport with the people.

3. Sell the problem: The thing about engineers is that they love solving problems and things that puzzle the brain. They like taking up a challenge and will put in all their brains to solve it. The above two points are crucial but this point is very important. Making sure that you have a proper plan along with a robust set of challenges to tackle for them when you set out for how to find a technical co-founder. You might hear a developer saying, “This job is not exciting, it’s boring.” That is exactly not what your pitch should seem like. Keep it in mind when you are looking to find a CTO. You need to explain how your idea can be a game changer for the industry if executed properly.

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An entry-level programmer may suggest looking at it like some other start-up did and the probably say that we can’t do anything more than this. Don’t choose this person as your tech co-founder. He will not bring any creativity to the table. They just can’t let a problem like this go waste without trying their hands on it. A great developer will tell you exactly how you should work out the problem and then methodically explain to you how you can bring smaller programs together and then combine them to make something bigger and better. If you ever find a person like this, go with him. He’s the best person who knows what he is doing and is genuinely interested in finding a proper solution to the problem you are wanting to solve.

find a cto

Partner with Sodio! The tech partner you need.

Finding a technology co-founder for your visionary idea is very cumbersome. More so, when you have to assemble a whole team of technology capabilities. That’s where Sodio comes in! Our pool of incredible and experienced developers complemented by the ecstatic designs are always by your side to build the next-big-thing with you! So, finish your search for how to find a technical co-founder today and let Sodio create the amazing product you wish to create!

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