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Top UI Design Trends in 2018


UI design trends 2018


With 51% of world’s population over the internet, every business is aiming to leverage and experiment with this set of potential customers.

From major brands like Zara and General Motors to small handmade toy shop 2 blocks from your home, every business is trying to increase their sales by engaging right set of customers.

With the competition getting this tough and so much being up for grabs around the world, one thing that really needs to be on-point in 2018 is an engaging User Interface which does not suck.

The foundation of the websites, mobile apps and other software lies in the concept of human-computer interaction. To make the user or customer believe that the product is good enough to spend their invaluable time, let alone spending money on it, that human-computer interaction needs to be more than perfect!


Yes, Quintessential is the word!

But the User Interface is not something you have to do in a by-the-book or good ol’ orthodox way, the trends in UI design have never been monotonous, and trust us, they never will. While the importance of the functionalities and how the products work is still insurmountable, the importance of making the products to provide users an exhilarating experience still needs to be realized.

If you think a commonplace UI is going to cut it for you, or your products, then…

You’re wrong!

Here’s a list of benefits that you can cash-in just by having a great UI design for your products. Have a look:

  • Lowers your bounce rate
  • Builds a sense of confidence for your product.
  • Improves the ranking of websites by the Search Engines.
  • Attracts visitors, and converts them into customers.
  • Saves time for users to get to the desired part of your product

Another way of realizing the importance of great User Interface will be to look at the statistics:

  • According to econsultancy.com, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.
  • Microsoft’s Bing ended up gaining $80 million US by getting the right “Blue Color” for the links. (Source: Cnet)
  • com witnessed a jump of 35% in their revenues following a revamp of their homepage.

Now that we’ve even shown you the numbers. This must be compelling enough for you to realise the importance of great UI Design. With players like Medium and Airbnb making strides in providing the best User Interface designs, and many others such as Paper for iPad lighting it up when it comes to providing the users an awesome experience.

Catching the trends in User Interface design is not as easy as one would think. Even behemoths like Google have had their share of embarrassment when it comes to User Interface.


UI design trends 2018

NO! We’re not kidding

Look up at the internet for Google X which people couldn’t stand even for a day, let alone loving it. And this wasn’t the first of them for Google, and sure not the last (Remember Google Wave?).

Here’s a list of top UI Design trends for 2018:


  1. Vibrant Color Palettes

    Colors are indispensable for the UI Designers across the world, and even one of their most powerful tools. From setting the mood to influencing the user’s emotions, they do it all. That is the reason why Vibrant Color Palettes are ripe to strike down the Flat UI Designs we are used to until now.

    In 2018, the Designers will leverage the vibrant colors to command users’ attention on the elements they want, thus making their products memorable.

  1. Cards in Web and Mobile apps. And even more cards

    From news sites to food-delivery apps, we bet you must have had some experience with the cards already. Yes, the rectangles filled with visuals and text serving mostly as the links to other detailed pages. The best part about these cards is the inherent familiarity users have with them since all of us have been exposed to numerous and vivid cards(business cards, invitation cards, and whatnot!).

    The cards serve as a tool to communicate stories in a quick and digestible manner. And the best part about these cards is that they are suitable for the responsive sites trending in 2018. These cards are infinitely manipulatable which makes the design consistent with the varying size of the screen.

  1. Long-form Content

    The search engines have always loved the long-form content, haven’t they? And with so many people being online looking up the internet to read, understand and solve problems, they are going to be even more crucial for your sites. A great way to look at it would be to observe how sites like Quartz avoid the good-ol’ 500-800 words posts which are typically considered ideal for news sites. The sleek fluid-motion you can attain with the long-form content will just be the thing you need in 2018.

    Not only this, the benefits in terms of SEO for pages with long-form content will be stupendous.

  1. Overlapping Effects

    Incorporating the Overlapping effects of various elements such as graphics, text, and color have proven to be a great way of making attractive UI designs. Combining these elements make the users experience the “fantasy” factor in the sites.

    The ability of these overlapping features to create an “illusion” of space in the normally cluttered mobile/PC screens is what’s making them one of the “hottest” UI design trends in 2018.

  1. Color Gradients

    As the designers have been seen shifting towards gradients (a ramp, or progression of colors), 2018 is considered to be the year when it starts getting used even more. The color gradients offer the designer to use vivid colors and make the overall design look impressive. Another important aspect of these gradients is that they are memorable and unique in nature.

    Another possibility is that the gradients will be replacing the colors themselves since they’re looking better anyway, aren’t they?

    With gradients getting their way into logos and pictures of even the most famous platforms like that of Instagram, they sure are going to take the UI Design world by storm!

  1. Custom Illustration Interfaces

    Another latest UI Design getting traction is the Custom Illustration Interfaces as they make the designs look real.

    Custom illustration is going to make it big in 2018 because of its ability to make the products look interesting and distinctive.


Over to You!

Feel free to share your views about the top UI Design trends for 2018.

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