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UX for Blockchain: How great design will drive mass Blockchain Adoption


No product, No service or anything for that matter has ever truly succeeded until and unless it’s users find these ingredients in it.


Usability. Trust. Transparency. Ecstatic-Experience.

That, we can tell you.

As a matter of fact, 88% of online customers are less likely to return to a site once they have a bad experience with some product, platform, and whatnot.Imagine this, a person sending money over to their vendors abroad, or maybe their family in some other country. He’s in no rush, more than fine with the transfer coming through within 3-4 days. Has the choice of doing it with PayPal (Great UI, Check. Incredible Experience, Check. Trust and Transparency, Check) or any imaginary-Bitcoin-wallet (which lose by a mile in terms of any of the aforementioned criteria at this point of time) you know of.

Why on earth he’ll ditch the app that values his experience more than making their product look high-tech, incredibly-complex (almost every dApp addressing no UI/UX pain-points whatsoever) just for the sake of it?In this article, we are going to discuss how UI/UX could be the factor that the current dApps/Blockchain-Based products not doing right with. And why is it important for the developers involved in Blockchain application development, product managers, and designers to address this. Following this, we will discuss some points that will help them design the right “UX for Blockchain”.

The whole cryptosphere, the blockchain enthusiasts, have been figuring out the “adoption-problem” that the current products based on Blockchain are facing. To be honest, it’s not about the technology and not about whether in fact are these products better than their centralized counterparts. It’s about DESIGN. The problem right now is that every blockchain developer, product manager, and every CEO involved in any product is more concerned about rallying their technology, their consensus algorithm as their USP rather than focussing on what’s important. The Bigger Picture



Usability. Trust. Transparency.

These are the things which drive the growth of user-base and adoption more than anything. It doesn’t matter which technology or what product you offer. The user shouldn’t be strictly required to understand the nitty-gritty of the technicalities that your product has to offer. In order to help yourself understand why Blockchain needs more designers with thought-process aligned with the developers while managing to keep up with the battle cry for stupendous “User-experience for Blockchain”, imagine this:

Did the auto companies ever ask of you to know how a car’s exhaust or even the steering wheel works, did Steve Jobs expected you to understand how a processor works, and what are semiconductors used to make them? Then, why on earth would you expect a Crypto wallet user or any dApp user, in general, to know how blockchain works?



2 things here, first would be the inclusion of more energetic, talented, and enthusiastic-about-blockchain designers into the dApp space. Because let’s face it. There is no way designers who do care, or understand the purpose of Blockchain and making products based on it will ever help develop the UX for Blockchain we all yearn for.

The second one would be the responsibility of designers to advocate for the designers to advocate for incorporating a robust UX for Blockchain and products based on it. It will be followed by rapidly and efficiently devising hypotheses, prototyping and then testing them in order to ultimately come up with the best combination of tech and design possible. Given how complex and expensive the iterative UX design process for any blockchain based product is, it is only prudent to explore ideas and validate them beforehand.

Now that you have realized that pulling out a great product means an incredible customer-experience and trust, here are some of the things that would go a long way in the making of a truly revolutionary app.


  1. Communication. Communication. Communication.

The importance of a healthy, responsive and constructive communication maintained at various levels of product development cannot be stressed more.

This is perhaps the most important thing that the designers looking to make the best UX for Blockchain should remember, be it their own communication with the developers involved in blockchain application development, or with the customers. Understanding the pain-points at every level and pushing for perfection will eventually result in an incredible product which the users will gladly ditch the respective centralized versions for.



  1. Trust and Credibility.

These factors are basically game-changers for the success of any platform, not just the blockchain based dApps. Just imagine, would you easily provide your credit card to an e-commerce company if you didn’t trust them? No, you wouldn’t. Then, why should the blockchain-based applications be any different? If anything, they need to play even slicker so as to overcome the negative perception that some of the cryptocurrencies have tainted it with.

Some of the points that will help drive trust in your UX for blockchain are:

  • Design Quality
  • Upfront Disclosure
  • Comprehensive and Correct Content
  • Well-connected


  1. Awareness and Education

Since the very topic of this article is adoption, it is only fair that we discuss how important spreading awareness about blockchain and UX for blockchain, and educating the right users about your products, and maybe the underlying technology. Designers of UX for Blockchain will have to take the lead on this one since they need to be at the forefront of bridging the gap between users and the developers involved in blockchain application development. Providing content about the screens that you’re developing in a simplified and understandable manner on how to use them will go a long in driving adoption, too.

A lot is being said and done about how to perfect the art of UX for Blockchain. However, these were some of the most crucial things to take care of when it comes to UX for blockchain.


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