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What is Web 3.0?


Web 3.0


According to Peter Drucker, “An Entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity”. Web 2.0 was the interactive and collaborative change that people were looking for after the Web 1.0, and the entrepreneurs took up the opportunity to bring in the change. Currently, we see a floating breeze making a move towards web 3.0. Though these are just nascent footsteps, a lot is being said and written about this new evolution or change, as you want to call it.


So, what is web 3.0?

It is how the web will collaborate with the data available to make the necessary changes. Seems a bit more complicated than what web 2.0 was, right? Web 2.0 simply assisted in making the web more social and interactive, enabling the users to communicate freely and easily. Web 3.0 will take the interaction a bit further. With websites such as Twitter and Facebook, which serves user generated content, you will get more data on the consumers, and their activity. The web 3.0 will use this to study and analyze the users. This will in turn help in generating content that is mostly preferred by the consumers. It is an attempt to further personalization on the web.

The web 3.0 will study the user’s interaction on the web, and automatically make the necessary adjustments for the user. It is the semantic web, and we will be studying a lot of data to convert into user insights soon enough. The web will even combine the search queries made by you to pull out relevant information for you.

The web 3.0 will take the user generated content a step further. It will make personalization the motto.


Has it started?

The important question here is whether or not the web 3.0 revolution has started? This is the intelligent revolution for the web. In a lot of ways web 3.0 already exists but, it is still in its nascent stage. A lot of you would agree how the web is already exploiting the opportunities to bring in personalization by deriving insights from the content being searched online.

But, it will take a lot of time before you actually observe this change. A lot of technologies that intend to support web 3.0 such as IoT, Big Data etc. are still in the initial stages. This transformation from web 2.0 to web 3.0, though it has started, will take some time before it is completely visible. For now, you will see some parts being implemented in the data you have derived.

Artificial Intelligence is yet another trend that will help transform the web. Though we already have data available from human intelligence, read as social bookmarking and other social sites, we are awaiting the next big thing that will clean up the negative data intelligently. This is where the AI through different apps and machines will help ring in the difference.




Features of the web 3.0

  • Anytime Availability: This is one of the best features for web 3.0. You can access it anytime from anywhere using any device. Yes, this makes it not just easy for you to access the data but also incredibly interactive and seamless. The brands can make use of this anytime anywhere availability to improve their feeds, and generate more personalized content. It adds up to the experience.

  • Semantic web: This feature will see an increase in the data being studied to understand the customer’s needs and perspective. You will identify what the customer is likely to look for, and extend the offering without delay. You know what gaps exist better. You will make use of intelligent content from human as well as machines and apps.

  • Personalized: The content made available with web 3.0 will be more personalized and easy on the end user. It is data driven, which makes it more driven towards your needs. Personalized content always gets more eyes than the raw content that is generic.

  • Relevancy: the search engine will look at your searches, and offer your recommendations that increase the relevancy of your content. You will identify with the content more now, as the content is offered based on your searches and needs.


The web 3.0 will come with open identity and open reputation. You will observe that the web 3.0 is a step towards transforming the whole web world and the way you search as the end user. Are you ready for this transformative web?

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